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Mama and Me Roasted Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs

family-friendly roasted sweet potato hash

With a toddler and a baby on the way, “brunch” really just means “lunch” in our house—because none of us can wait that long to eat the first meal of the day!—which makes me love this recipe for Sweet Potato Hash all the more. It’s a versatile enough idea that it works for any meal of the day and this roasted version featuring sweet potatoes and chickpeas comes together in just about 30 minutes, even with the poached eggs in the mix. This was a recent weekend lunch that my daughter and I shared and I already know that it’s going to go into regular rotation for lunch and dinners in our house.

sheet pan of roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas

The original recipe calls for cooking the sweet potatoes in the microwave, and then in a skillet and using Southwestern-style corn and black beans. I love how fast that method is, but since I love the flavor of roasted sweet potatoes and I knew that a subtle crunch of chickpeas would be a nice texture note, I decided to roast my ingredients. I roasted a large sweet potato, leftover chickpeas, and a small onion with 1 tablespoon coconut oil and a dusting of cumin for 25 minutes at 400 degrees F. While that was happening, I put a few eggs into our poaching pan and played with my girl.

easy homemade breakfast hash

I served her plate up with the ingredients separated so she could clearly see what was on her plate and I simply layered the eggs and avocado on top of the roasted veggie mixture for myself. If you aren’t pregnant and love a runny yolk, I’d strongly suggest that you do that here—it’s a wonderful flavor combination with the rest of the ingredients. My girl dipped her lunch into some of the salsa-sour cream mixture and was a really happy camper. And I loved getting the dose of vegetarian protein and good fats in a meal that tasted so ridiculously good.

Get the original recipe for Sweet Potato Hash here.

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