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Individual Fresh Peach Crisps

peach crisp baked in halved peaches

The end of summer is the ideal time of year to get your fill of ripe fruit like peaches, which are at their peak right now. This is the first year that our peach tree has produced fruit and while a critter got to a few of them before we did, we turned two beautiful ones into a special dessert of Peach Crisp.

hollowing out peaches with melon baller

To really show off the fruit, I simply cut it in half and tucked the buttery-crisp filling right inside for an easy weeknight treat that my family loved. Bigger peaches make this method a little easier since they give you more space for the topping, but even if yours are on the smaller side, you’ll want to hollow out the insides a bit more with a melon baller after removing the pit. This will make sure that the topping stays put while baking. I used two large peaches, half of the filling mixture from this original Peach Crisp recipe, and took the brown sugar down to just one tablespoon since I knew that the fruit and the graham crackers would lend sweetness. Pack it into the center of each peach pretty tightly and nestle the halves into a greased baking pan.

Fresh peaches with crisp topping baked inside

After baking for about 30 minutes, the crisp topping was golden brown and the peaches were tender—and the house smelled pretty amazing…just like peach pie but with a fraction of the work! I served these for dessert topped with a dollop of plain whole milk yogurt, though vanilla ice cream would not be out of place here. Try them for a dinner party or a weeknight dessert when fruit is ripe and your family deserves a sweet treat.

Find the full recipe for Peach Crisp here.

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