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Cantaloupe-Cucumber Feta Salad

Fourth of July is around the corner, so when I saw this refreshing salad Cucumber-Honeydew Salad on Better Homes and Gardens, Our Favorite July 4th Recipes slider, I had to make it. It’s easy enough to do and the best part next to how it taste—no cooking!

You’ll notice the original recipe calls for honeydew but I used a Galia instead. It is a hybrid of a cantaloupe and honeydew. It’s super sweet and delicate, but I think I love it more because I can avoid the cantaloupe skin where I’m always so fearful of pulling any potential Salmonella from the skin into the fruit its being sliced.

That said you are going to love this refreshing salad. It’s everything summer should be—sweet, cool, and delicately delicious. And you can can easily pack this for any picnic, just leave the Feta in a cooler bag until you are ready to serve and then give it a good sprinkling on top. It’s a party pleaser for sure—and everyone always loves the minty surprise. I have to say, that’s my favorite part of this salad too.

The  original recipe uses dill but I subbed that out for some mint—and that’s only because I don’t like dill and mint and honeydew are a favorite combo of mine. Along with the herb swap out, I gave the finished recipe a light sprinkling of amaranth for an earthy finish—and of course the honeydew was swapped for some sliced Galia. That’s it for tweaks. Of course, and as always give this version or the original recipe a go, both are equally good. It’s just a matter of tailoring the recipe to your taste.

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