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Spinach and Bacon Hash Brown Quiche

I adore quiche. However, I never make it.

Spinach and Bacon Hash Browns Quiche

Omelets? Sure! Been there, done that. Frittatas? Love those and make those too! But quiche? I’m not sure why I never attempted to make one at home. It isn’t difficult but for some reason, I have always just enjoyed it when served to me. I decided this year that I needed to start making the dishes I enjoy eating, and this was definitely on the bucket list.

To find a delicious and simple quiche recipe that would eliminate my rookie status, I turned to’s recipe portal and did a search. I loved the sound of the spinach and bacon quiche, and it turned out to be just what I was looking for. The original recipe itself was perfectly flavorful and perfectly easy. A rich custard filled with ingredients like salty bacon, spinach (one of my absolute favorite veggies) and cheese was just the ticket to fill a flaky pie crust, however I decided to switch up the crust to make this recipe even more rich; I added a hash brown crust.

Spinach and Bacon Hash Browns Quiche

I simply made the following changes to the recipe:

  • To replace the traditional crust, I browned one 20 ounce package of refrigerated hash browns in a skillet with olive oil until golden.
  • Then I sprayed my pie pan with nonstick spray and pressed the cooked hash browns into the bottom and around the sides of the pan to create a crust.
  • I continued the recipe as written filling the hash browns crust with the quiche custard and baked until cooked through.

Spinach and bacon hash brown quiche

The results were comforting, decadent and absolutely irresistible. All the flavors really came together wonderfully, and the hash brown crust turned out beautifully golden, crunchy and also tender. The colors are bright and vivid, and the quiche is a true showstopper for any breakfast entertaining you plan to do. Because of this recipe, I fell in love with not only quiches again, but making them at home. I will be pulling out this recipe for brunches all Spring, and you should too!

14 Responses to “ Spinach and Bacon Hash Brown Quiche ”

  1. This is getting made this weekend!!!

  2. OMG, this feels so good. Though i’m not a big fan of spinach, i have to say that this dish is out of this world. Brilliant. Love it so much!

  3. Don’t see the temp to cook it at? Or the rest of the recipe. Just how to make the hash brown crust.. Help

  4. There is no recipe for the filling? Am I missing something?

  5. Spinach and bacon hash brown quiche….only part of the recipe is posted. Is there a way to get the entire recipe?

  6. I found the recipe for the filling!!!

  7. Oh. This is the first time i see that delicious food. Now, when i see it, i really want to eat. I’m feel hungry, so sad lol

  8. Spinach and Bacon is delicious and nutritious, I learned how to make this dish for a long, I also have to cook this dish for my husband, he eats a lot and he praised that I cook very tasty, my son also liked this dish, I made it to bring to school, it’s like that much, it also compliments I was No. 1 on cooking.

  9. Thanks for sharing!!This is so getting made this weekend for family!!!

  10. Incredibly delicious! This is totally my kind of dinner!
    Thanks for repice.

  11. Hash brown crust?! Why haven’t I thought of that before! mmmm

  12. I tried to do this recipe the other day, and it was delicious!

  13. Just Made it!! Awesome recipe and so delicious .Gonna make it for my girlfriend.!! :) :)

  14. I love bacon! Will try this one no doubt! Thanks!

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