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Pumpkin S’more Whoopie Pies


I am finally ready to embrace Fall with a fun new pumpkin recipe: Pumpkin S’more Whoopie Pies.  There is no stopping it.  The season is here to stay.

Pumpkin is the quintessential flavor of Fall, and it is rightfully so.  The flavor is universally lauded and perfectly adaptable for anything you can imagine from the savory to the sweet.  It also has this comforting quality that just makes you want to curl up on your couch to watch the leaves turn their vivid colors from your window.

I happen to love pumpkin in my dessert recipes around this time of year.  In fact, I get a bit addicted to its flavor especially when warming spices are added to the mix.  That love is exactly what lead me to the original BHG Pumpkin Spice Whoopies recipe.

I loved the simplicity of the recipe due to the use of cake mix.  These were so easy to make.  I made the cookie as is but made the following changes to the filling:

  • After the cookies were done baking, I flipped half upside down and added chocolate sauce (I microwaved some chocolate chips and heavy cream, stirred until melted to create a ganache) and a large marshmallow.
  • I placed the cookies under my oven’s broiler and waited until the marshmallows were melted and toasted.

  • Lastly I topped each marshmallow topped cookie with another cookie and served nice and warm.

These were seriously so fun to make and would be a hit with the kids.  I can’t imagine a more amusing way to bring in the excitement of fall than these pumpkin whoopie pies with a s’more twist.

10 Responses to “ Pumpkin S’more Whoopie Pies ”

  1. These are the s’mores of my dreams.

  2. I want to devour these. . like now. . looks so good!

  3. OMG the way you just described these here really makes me want to gobble them right up!

  4. Thanks so much Alice!! I devoured quite a few myself!

  5. OMG thank you so much Karly!

  6. I think I am having some crazy fixation with s’mores right now.

  7. These are just AMAZING!!!!

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