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Quadruple-Citrus Pound Cake

A Quadruple-Citrus Pound Cake in late September?  I know that seems weird but there is a reason why I was craving citrus cake.

The weather in Chicago has been its usual unpredictable self.  In early fall, it has dipped way below the average, and I can feel a cold winter coming my way soon enough.  I wanted to create a recipe that would give me a little sunshine, and this cake is definitely it.

The original BHG recipe I found was for Triple-Citrus Pound Cake.  I kept the recipe very similar and only added some lemon flavor to make the cake even brighter.

  • I added two teaspoons of fresh lemon zest.
  • I also added two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice but I adore lemon so I really loved this addition!

This Quadruple-Citrus Pound Cake was just what I needed to get over my summer saying goodbye.  It perked me up with a slight pucker.  The bright flavors of grapefruit, orange, lime and now lemon are just perfect in this light, fluffy and beautifully textured cake.  This treat is perfect with a cup of coffee or after a delightful dinner.  Either way, make this cake, and I am sure your Fall season will be much brighter.

8 Responses to “ Quadruple-Citrus Pound Cake ”

  1. love this cake!!! I can taste the citrus from here. . gorgeous!!!

  2. Quadruple citrus??? This sounds divine, and I have got to try it. :)

  3. I welcome citrus at any time of the year!! And the more the merrier ;) Love this beautiful cake!

  4. my co-worker are are printing the recipe….

  5. recipe looked good

  6. Thanks so much Val!

  7. How wonderful!

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