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Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake with Pumpkin Marshmallow Frosting

Today is an exciting day. BHG is about to launch The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 16th Edition. Being a blogger here on Delish Dish, I got a sneak peak at its pages. After looking through it (Almost all of the 1,200 recipes have pictures.) and bookmarking countless recipes, it has quickly become one of my favorite recipe collections. One thing I really love about this new cook book, is that it gives you a basic recipe such as cinnamon rolls, and then it provides options and ideas to make the recipe your own. Basically, it’s like recipes built into recipes. Endless inspiration.

BHG is giving away five copies of this wonderful new cook book. I will explain the details of the giveaway, but first I want to share a recipe with you.

Today, I’m showing you how to make this Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake with Marshmallow Frosting. However, I’m giving it a fall twist by adding a bit of pumpkin flavor to the frosting. Yum! I love chocolate and pumpkin together, and this cake combines the flavors beautifully.

The basis of the cake is a box of your favorite brownie mix. You can use a regular cake pan, although I’m using this tart pan because of the built-in groove at the top. You’ll see why this is important below.

Once the brownie cake is baked, chocolate ganache is spread on top. You really can’t have enough chocolate, right? The ganache adds a creamy layer of decadence.

The cake is finished off with marshmallow frosting. To give mine a seasonal touch, I decided to add some pumpkin flavor. I started with the original recipe for the frosting, and after it had formed stiff peaks, I added the following along with the vanilla:

4 tablespoons pumpkin puree
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

These additions will make your marshmallow frosting perfectly pumpkiny!

And that’s it. Continue following the original recipe until your cake is complete.

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, this is a delicious after-dinner treat to snuggle up with on the couch. Enjoy!

Now, as I mentioned above, BHG and I are giving away five copies of The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book! To enter to win one of the five copies, tell us below: “What is your favorite thing to cook?” The winners will be randomly selected from the entries received. You can see the official contest rules here.

Good luck and happy cooking!

Note: This contest has ended.

170 Responses to “ Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake with Pumpkin Marshmallow Frosting ”

  1. My favorite thing to cook is a white cake made from scratch for desert. For the meal, stuffed baked potato…stuffed with a crawfish bisque and sprinkled with some cheese and bacon bits.

  2. I love to make desserts. Chocolate is a no-brainier, but I also like to make dishes with apples or berries. My son doesn’t like chocolate, so I’m always looking for something yummy and packed with flavor for him!

  3. I love making soups and/or stews from scratch. Just throwing together meats or legumes, veggies, spices and such to create something new and different each time. I love the ease and the warmth. Of course, you must always serve it with cornbread or some other sort of bread!

  4. I love to cook anything Mexican or Chocolate based…from scratch…

  5. Every Sunday we have roast beef or pork, potatoes and gravy, corn and a green salad or vegetable. My kids are all grown and gone, but when they come home this is the meal they request. Yum!

  6. Desserts are my favorite. Particular Cocolate, amaretto cheesecake.

  7. I love using my grandmother’s Better Homes and gardens Cook Book to make cookies and pies and my favorite cakes. I love her book because it has so many great recipies. Cant wait to have one of my own so I can make many memories with mine.

  8. Desserts are my favorite. Particular Cocolate, amaretto cheesecake. Since I creates the recipe myself.

  9. My fave would be making lasagna my hubby!

  10. My favorite thing to cook is meat sauce that my mom has been making for years (and I think it came from her BHG cookbook!). I’ve added my own twists to the sauce, but I love how comforting it is and that I can make it without even looking at the recipe.

  11. My favorite thing to cook is my secret recipe cheesecake. It’s three layers and has to cook over a 2-day period. It’s truly the best, creamiest cheesecake ever!

  12. I love to make stew and soups – the aromas as they cook fill the house with love! I also love to make favorite recipes from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from 1973, bought shortly after I was married – pretty grungy looking today, but still loved!

  13. I love to make homemade bread. Rolls, pizza, bread bowls, but my favorite is a simple honey wheat bread.

  14. Pasta….. anything pasta!
    I usually have left overs and the leftovers sometimes even taste better the next day. :)

  15. I love to bake and my favorite thing to make are Christmas cookies, they make everyone happy!

  16. I love to cook for friends and family. To gather with friends and family and share good times and memories while enjoying a wonderful home cooked meal is the best feeling in the world.

  17. I love to re-create vintage recipes. I have my grandmothers’ recipes and to re-create what they used to cook brings me great pleasure.

  18. My favorite thing to cook is my Ma’s pizza recipe. She got the recipe from her Better Homes and Garden’s cook book from almost thirty years ago! The pizza dough is easy to make and I love putting my own toppings on it and creating awesome pizza combinations like pepperoni, sausage, black olive, mushroom, basil pizza! Another fun thing is to make garlic cheese sticks using the pizza dough recipe! I love it!!

  19. Brussel sprouts in the oven with Kosher salt and olive oil

  20. My favorite thing to cook: Cube steak and gravy with real mashed potatoes like my Mother used to make. Everyone also loves my Apple Pie!

  21. My favorite thing to cook is anything Italian!

  22. It’s a toss up. My favorite things to make are chocolate chip cookies and all different kinds of cupcakes.

  23. My favorite thing to cook is pasta with homemade tomato sauce.

  24. My favorite thing to cook is breakfast. I also like to cook new recipes using new techniques.

  25. I love to cook soups and stews the most. This summer I made the best tomato soup with 5 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

  26. I love to make desserts. I would have to say out of all the desserts I make my favorite would be homemade from scratch apple dumplings. I love making the pastry crust although it takes a lot more time and work opposed to just buying a thing of pie crust dough. To me the store bought just does not taste as good but will work in a pinch. I don’t use the can of apple filling either. I cut up the apples coat them in spices and I make the homemade syrup for the dumplings as well. I get so many compliments when I make them. I am known as the dessert lady for get togethers and that brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. I take pride in my baking and it comes from heart :o)

  27. I love making soups and stews, and serving with freshly baked bread. Love that the cooler weather is coming so I can start cooking my favorite foods once again!

  28. I had lots of rainbow swiss chard in the garden and I loved finding different ways to cook with it. I made lasagna, stuffed shells and ravioli. It was delicious.

  29. I love to cook Thanksgiving and
    Christmas meals for family most of all.

  30. I am more of a baker and I love baking cookies.

  31. Bread. Bread, and bread.

  32. I love making desserts and cookies.

  33. My fave BHG recipe that I learned to make with my Grandma and subsequently was the first recipe I taught my kids was the simple scones…you can personalize them your own way and they loved to make them for family and friends.

  34. I love to make the traditional turkey dinner!!! Of course all the sides, especially sweet potato casserole and apple pie for dessert!

  35. I love to cook soups !! Love a big bowl on a lovely fall evening with loved ones ..

  36. I love to cook cakes,cookies,pie’s,and cheese cake.

  37. I love to make soups, and love baking! Not sure which one I love most!

  38. My favorite thing to make is bread, I love the smell of warm bread coming from the kitchen. Sometimes it wheat, sometimes white, sometimes hamburger buns, dinner rolls, focochia or cranberry walnut loaf, you name it!

  39. My favorite thing to cook is spaghetti and meatballs with Italian sausage.

  40. I love to bake anything apple, the warm smells of Autumn permeates the whole house. . Love it

  41. Crockpot lasagna! Comfort food + the thrill of it being ready when I get home = :-)

  42. I live in Canada so my entry is void….Shame!
    My very first cookbook (which I bought when I became engaged to my now husband of 34 years) was the plaid BHG cookbook.
    It’s pages have yellowed, and become tattered and stained with use. Many years ago in an attempt to save the cover from additional wear, I covered it with clear MacTac….
    On the back cover, you can still see where I wrote in ink: “My First Cook Book” 1979
    Over the years many other cook books have come and gone, but this one is still my main reference!
    Many pages have bookmarks — usually a poem or small piece of artwork my children drew and I wanted to keep–Sometimes when I open the book to find a recipe, it makes me smile to see these keepsakes. My children are adults now and I have young grandchildren—perhaps their artwork will also find a place holding a favourite recipe in my book!
    What’s my favourite recipe? There are too many….but I would have to say making Homemade Waffles!
    Thanks for the recipes, and thanks for the memories!

  43. I love to make desserts in general but I love making cupcakes. All kinds. Margarita cupcakes and honey lavender were some recently enjoyed.

  44. I love desserts and making them! Being a diabetic limits me but I want to try this!

  45. Chocolate chip cookies

  46. I love baking!! Especially bread and desserts! There’s not much more satisfying than a buttered slice of my homemade crusty French bread! Thanks for the chance!

  47. My grandmother’s PA Dutch beef stew, with fluffy dumplings! The best comfort food any time of year!

  48. My favorite thing to make are chicken enchiladas. The recipe is from a BHG Red and Plaid Cookbook that I bought when I was 22 years old. The recipe has stood the test of time and is just as delicious now as when I first made them 27 years ago.

  49. I love making Banana Pudding. My mother always made it for us kids. Made it in a huge Pyrex bowl and put it in the oven to brown the merenge. Just takes back to my childhood and those wonderful memories

  50. I enjoy trying new things…If I had to choose I guess it would be my oatmeal is so moist…I also like going back to one of my old Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks.It is around thirty years old or older…the pages are falling our, and turning yellow..also I have written family recipes on the page edges..Keep up the good work..

  51. I love making my homemade chicken noodle soup. It just takes me to my happy place. Such a great comfort food…yummy! Plus I do a mean apple pie and my kids enjoy it more after they have picked the apples! Ahhh good times

  52. I love making soups, because I get to use bay leaves. Adding the bay leaf in the Dutch oven makes my soups look official. I also love to bake cakes and crumbles. Amazes me how much delicious food and desserts start with AP flour. So much fun!

  53. My favorite thing to cook is a newly discovered recipe. I love experimenting in the kitchen.

  54. I love to cook just about anything but I really enjoy making desserts — and eating them. Cakes are especially fun because you can decorate them in many ways.

  55. Baking is my favorite thing to do! I have several recipes that were my great grandmothers – her pie crust & sweet potato pie or apple pie & a two tone cheesecake that I’m always asked to make. Baking @ Christmas has become a family ( and extended family) all day affair.

  56. I love any thing sweet Cakes, Brownies Cookies, Donuts & Candies. Also any thing with pumpkin in it

  57. My favorite thing to cook is by far, homemade wheat bread. I mean, I like to eat fresh homemade bread, making it can be a chore, but with the right equipment to do the hard parts for you, easy peasy. I think it’s simply delish to slab butter, and honey on a warm slice of homemade bread.

  58. My favorite thing to cook is homemade bread.

  59. What is my favorite thing to cook? Most likely the meal I will be eating next! I do like to make soup.

  60. Tailgating favs…anything yummy for football!

  61. My favorite thing to cook is homemade soups and frittatas.

  62. I love to cook chili and Mexican food. I love to use fresh veggies and herbs when I cook. Got to run get the chorizo and potato frittata out of the oven!

  63. I love to make a beef roast with caramalized carrots and onions, but I also could go for some rich French Onion Soup.

  64. I love desserts and grilled cheese.

  65. Lemon and cheese danishes

  66. my favorite things to make are desserts & homemade breads… love baking :) thanks for the op to win this wonderful cook book … love cook books :)

  67. I have an older cook book. Like from back in their 60′

  68. I love crock pot recipes which are wonderful when I work. I also LOVE anything pumpkin, so fall is my favorite time!

  69. I love baking desserts. If it includes chocolate all the better.

  70. I love to make sugar cookies. I have gathered lots and lots of cookie cutters, sprinkles, and sugar over the years, and it’s so much fun to get creative!

  71. I like to bake desserts…my husband loves chocolate, so I like to find new chocolate recipes to try for him!

  72. My favorite is pie. Any type. If it has a crust I love it!

  73. Soups in the crock pot during a Sunday afternoon!

  74. I love to make chicken vegetable soup. The kind that simmers for hours. Homemade chilli, too.

  75. Cookies!!! I love baking cookies. Super easy to make, most take about 10 minutes in the oven and you can indulge while they’re still warm. Yum!

  76. I love to make candy that my grandmother made.

  77. I like to make desserts that include veggies like zucchini. Especially since I have a few picky grandchildren who turn up their noses at green vegetables!

  78. I love to make whoopie pies. My daughter loves when I ship pumpkin whoopie pies to her at college.

  79. I love making Christmas cookies from my grandmothers recipes and ones I have come across in old recipe books. I also love to make pies from scratch and am always looking for new things to try.

  80. I enjoy cooking new things & my grandsons is taking culinary in school. He’s a sophomore. I love sharing my mom & grandmom’s old recipes with him. He loves to cook & experiment with spices.

  81. Anything. I especially enjoy when my grandson, who is taking culinary in school, wants to do the cooking.

  82. I love making frosted cut-out sugar cookies with my kids!!!

  83. I love any type of cheesecake…I love baking them as well as eating them.

  84. I love to bake breads and I love to bake cupcakes with yummy frosting.

  85. I love to bake. Cookies, pies and quick breads are what my family loves to help me with or watch me do. But in the end everyone loves helping me eat it!

  86. I enjoy baking. The love the smells and the anticipation of the final products.

  87. I love veggies so I make them into spaghetti shape and sauté with olive oil and garlic Yummy.

  88. My favorite thing to cook is my grandma’s recipe for chicken and noodles. I love a hearty soup or stew in the fall or winter with some biscuits or cornbread and there’s always room for cookies or brownies after! Being a newlywed, I am always looking for things to try other than spaghetti and tacos. :-)

  89. I love to make desserts of any kind!!!!

  90. I love to cook Penne with Vodka Sauce.

  91. I love to make my homemade chili…so good!

  92. I love to bake and cook lots of different thing. Today my favorite is Italian Wedding Soup. Yesterday it was Crispy and Chewy Oatmeal Walnut Cookies. I love to bake cake, cupcakes; white, chocolate, carrot, and Italian Cream Cake. Pies are always on the radar. Tomorrow it’s chicken piccata. So there you have it. I love it all.

  93. I love making desserts. My favorite to bake is Kahlua brownies with brown butter frosting. They’re so decadent and amazingly delicious!

  94. I love baking desserts, especially cake and cupcakes.

  95. Anything in a bhg cookbook.

  96. I just like to be in the kitchen but especially like to bake. I like making the older recipes from the 40′s and 50′s. I like doing things from scratch. I find making bread therapeutic for my arthritic hands.

  97. My favorite thing to cook is chicken kiev with a broccoli and cheese sauce :) with rice ad a side (I add veggie seasoning, Cajun seasoning, garlic & fixed green pepper)

  98. I honestly can’t pick just one thing!! I just love to cook anything!! I absolutely love, love, love to try new recipes!! I love to cook for my family and I love to cook for company!!

  99. I love to cook and bake. But I love baking the most. I love making breads, cookies, cakes, etc. But of course it all needs to be made by scratch.

  100. I love italian food!! Pastas of any sort are my favorite thing to make. And I love making mini pies for the holidays. Its an absolute must for my holiday traditions.

  101. I love making good ol’ fashion casseroles.

  102. I love to make lasagna…comfort food at its finest!

  103. I grew up using bhg cookbooks and my favorite are still making desserts… it’s so nice to have a treat once in a while. Especially when it is made from scratch! And I still love making all things chocolate!

  104. My hubby and I are eating more healthy food so, being the baker that I am, I started searching for a healthy alternative for Scones. I love, love them. I tried them using gluten free all purpose baking mix and they are still a great treat. I have to admit though that they tie with homemade spaghetti sauce and zucchini shreds for noodles. Yummy!

  105. I enjoy taking recipes and working them into to gluten free options. The more ideas to work on, the better! I enjoy creations anything – from appetizers, tapas, main courses to desserts.

  106. Desserts! I’m known as the dessert-lady in my family!

  107. Spending hours searching through recipes to bake Christmas treats for family and friends is one of my favorite things to do…along with the actual baking, of course! I’m already stocking up on supplies!

  108. Mousakka ッ

  109. My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin pie!

  110. I love to make stir fry with fresh vegetables, breakfast in the mornings when all the family is home as well as Christmas candy and cookies with my kids at Christmas time. :)

  111. I love to cook chicken stir fry with fresh vegetables, breakfast on weekends when all the family is home as well as Christmas candy and cookies with the kids.

  112. I love to make chicken stir fry with fresh vegetables, breakfast in the morning when all the family is home, and Christmas candy and cookies with the kids.

  113. I just love to cook in general, but at this point in time I’m on a quick bread kick. It started with an overabundance of zucchini from the garden.

  114. Love to cookie desserts…cookies, brownies anything.

  115. I love to bake, I think my favorite thing to bake is scones. Everyone is always surprised by how moist and delicious they are.

  116. I make this loaf from scratch that I add different canned fruit to, peaches, apricots, canned fruit coctail. I smash up fruit with mixer add a lot of cinnamon. It is always better the second day. Everyone loves it.

  117. I have been using my Mother’s BHG still I was a very little girl. When we lost her 16 years ago I got her BHG book. I remember my favorite recipe when I was around 9 I found the pinwheel cookies. Made them for Christmas and my 4 brothers gobble them up. As I got better with the recipe I taught myself to make different colors and flavors and patterns with this great dough. I love bake. Well really I just love to bake and cook. This cookbook has taught me a lot though the years. It is falling apart and has many stains but I would give it away for any thing.

  118. I make this fruit loaf from scratch. It is made with different canned fruit. Peaches, apricots, even fruit coctail. I add a lot of cinnamon. I serve it the second day and everyone so far has loved it. Oh I smash up all the fruit with a blender. it is very moist .

  119. I love cooking for my family. Of course they all have something different that they enjoy. I don’t know if I have one particular favorite. But I do enjoy making Spaghetti Sauce with Sausage and Meatballs. Swedish Meatballs and Chili.

  120. I love baking but am on a mini cupcake kick right now. I think chocolate/pumpkin mini cupcakes are in order.

  121. My favorite thing to bake is a from scratch pineapple almond flavored cake with cherry filling and marshmallow frosting. Especially for birthdays. Except my sons birthdays. They are chocolate maniacs.

  122. My favorite thing to cook is my Beef and Cabbage casserole. I modified a Runza casserole recipe to take out the dairy products. To do that, I had to change sauces and omit the cheese and milk. My husband loves it and dubbed my version of the recipe “Beef and Cabbage” casserole. He’s always asking me to fix it for him!

  123. I am from Texas, moved all over receiving lots of Recipes. I love to cook! Everything is my favorite to make. It pleases me when I make for that it’s right and tastes good. I treasure all the Recipes I collect. I have lots of Cookbooks. I like Different ones . I would love to cook from a new Cookbook that shows a different way or style of food learning new ones is my Favorite kind. And Shareing them with Family or the Church.

  124. What I love to cook and what I love to eat are two entirely different things. I make a decadent banana split cake (one adult version and one child friendly). The basis is a sour cream pound cake with vanilla and dark rum, pecans, cream de coconut, coconut flakes, pineapples, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream. (sweetened w/vanilla rum). Of course, the kid friendly version does not include the alcohol. One of my most requested recipes.

  125. Biscuits!!! I used to make them all the time from scratch!

  126. I love to cook and bake! I am a cookbook addict and have been collecting recipes since I could read. My favorite recipe to cook is a Sicilian dish my grandmother made called Pasta Schiatiatta. It’S macaroni, sautéed eggplant, tomato gravy, fresh mint al forno. It never comes out quite the same as she made it! No one makes it like Ma did!

  127. I must admit I love sweets especially chocolate. And I love to read cook books and cook.Unfortunately, my mother’s BHG cookbook did not come to me (I have several siblings). Neither did my mother-in-law’s. I would love to win the new edition!

  128. I love to bake and share with friends and family!

  129. I love turkey! The bigger the better. It just gives the whole house a wonderful smell. Not to mention all the homemade gravy from the drippings and the homemade mashed potatoes. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

  130. Thanksgiving Dinner

  131. Love making desserts. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the recipe that I want.

  132. We love to bake cookies every week! It’s great to have a quick pick me up dessert available whenever you want it right on the counter! A batch lasts about a week in our home :-) We try to bake a different cookie each week. Our favorites are snickerdoodles and black and whites!

  133. I’m a baker. I’m always looking for a new dessert to try. Cakes and different sweet breads are my favorite.

  134. I love to fix anything that my kids and I do together–usually it is baking something yummy!

  135. Looks fabulous!

  136. Desserts are a high point for me, but I also love my stand-by soup for autumn and winter; spicy fish and fennel stew.

  137. My favorite thing to cook is chocolate zucchini cake which I turn into my version of black forest cake or on the more savoury side sweet and sour spareribs – yumm.

  138. I love to bake. My favorite are cupcakes as there is so much you can do with them!!!!!

  139. I love cooking something from my grandmother’s old recipe book. She and my great-grandmother used to cook dishes from the book all the time. Every time I glance through the book I think of the wonderful meals we used to have at my grandparents when the family got together. Wonderful memories!

  140. I like desserts and casseroles! They make lots so I can share with family!!

  141. I love to make a home made cream cheese pound cake. Their nothing better in my opinion.

  142. I love to make cakes and cookies from scratch. The one that gets all the raves is my Carrot cake it has my own little twist to it.

  143. I love making Spanish chicken and rice for me and my husband in fall and winter! Such great comfort food!

  144. Pumpkin Brownies are my favorite treat to make. Absolutely delish!!!!

  145. i love making homemade potato soup! its great anytime but especially when it gets cooler outside! Also, Thanksgiving dinner is another favorite!

  146. I love making cookies and pies. Pumpkin pie is my favorite.

  147. I mentioned my favorite thing to cook on another post, but I also like to bake. I really love baking cookies. I’m particularly crazy for my mom’s pizza-sized oatmeal cookies, skillet cookies (no-bakes), and some delicious oatmeal fudgy bars.

  148. I love to bake, so desserts are my favorite thing to make.

  149. My absolute favorite thing to cook/bake would have to be brownies for sure! I can’t get enough of their chocolate goodness!

  150. I love to play with Meatloaf recipes. Chili too. But my all time favorite dish, I make, is Latkes.

  151. My favorite things to bake are lamingtons. I make the sponges first and use jam in the middle. I also use real choc as well as cocoa in the icing. This gives them a little crunch. Then a good covering of coconut and voila!!!. Everyone raves and requests them

  152. It’s very hard for me to pick just one thing, because I totally love cooking. It changes with the season for me. Right now it is all about canning and freezing from the garden for winter. So, right now my favorite thing to cook is spaghetti sauce. From scratch, nothing canned all from my garden, a friend’s garden or the farmers market (like mushrooms). I start with nice plump tomatoes, steamed, peeled, cooled, cored then diced. In a separate pan I saute onions, garlic and mushrooms. When their done I add them in with the tomatoes (which by now I have used a hand blender on). Then I add my spices and cook it all down. Then cool it, can it for later use. When I use it, I brien off whatever meat i want in it. That way one recipe gets me sauce with beef, buffalo, ground chicken or Turkey!

  153. I love to bake. Pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, bread etc… If you bake it, I like to make it

  154. I love to make fried pickles for football games using a recipe I created :)

  155. Using old bananas instead of pumpkin in old hazel Piersol pumpkin bread recipe!

  156. My most favorite thing to cook is cakes. Any shape or form, as any kind of cake always brings a smile to any one’s face, no matter how old or young they may be.

  157. Anything my Grango used to make. It makes me so happy to smell those same smells in my own home! She always made red velvet cake for my birthday, and taco salad and sour cream enchiladas. And anything that has bell pepper and onion sautéed in it almost makes me feel her right next to me! I also love to bake Christmas cookies! I make a lot, so the freezer is cleaned out just before Christmas and I make 2 batches of cookies every weekend and then freeze them! My mothers sugar cookies, my preachers wife’s chewy molasses cookies, chocolate mint cookies, and chocolate and cherry chip cookies. Anything Thanksgiving related is wonderful also! Okay, I just love to cook! It makes me happy!

  158. I don’t see my comment so I am trying again. If it posts twice, I apologize!
    I love to cook anything my Grango cooked! She made me red velvet cake and enchiladas for my birthday! And anything with sautéed bell peppers and onions makes me feel as if she is cooking right beside me. I also bake Christmas cookies. The freezer is cleared out in November then each weekend I make a double batch of cookies. I make my mom’s sugar cookies, my preachers wife’s chewy molasses cookies, chocolate mint chip cookies, and chocolate chip cookies with cherry chips added. I just love to cook! It is a way of honoring the people that cooked for me with love! It just makes me happy!

  159. My favorite thing to cook is a southwestern lasagna. It has pinto beans, ground turkey, Ortega chilies, spinach, mozzarella cheese, and corn tortillas. I like to serve it with sour cream and fresh salsa! It is absolutely fabulous and healthy too!

  160. My favorite thing to cook is Mexican food!! Any and all types, but especially Tamales. And Chile Rellenos. And Sopapillas. And….:) I just LOVE to cook.

  161. I think I probably have one of the oldest BHG cookbooks, the pages have aged and have come apart from the cover but I patch it up since it still is my goto cookbook. The recipes for stews are my favorite, real stick to the ribs meals and reasonable cost.

  162. My favorite thing to cook Thanksgiving Dinner. I love to cook the turkey and all the trimmings and it’s the only day of the year where I don’t have to leave the kitchen if I don’t want to.

  163. I love home made mac-n-cheese. It’s the ultimate comfort food !

  164. My favourite thing to cook is home made soups, stews and chillis! Can’t ever make a bad one and even changing a few ingredients can make a new yummy way to enjoy it!

  165. I love to bake in the fall. Anything apple or pumpkin especially. It just makes the whole house feel warmer. When I got married my mother in law shared many family recipes with me including her pumpkin pie and apple crisp which are both favorites with my kids.

  166. I love baking cakes :)

  167. Fresh fruit tart!


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