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Peach Raspberry Ice Cream

Peaches are my absolute favorite summer fruit, hands down.

peach raspberry

I think its because of the deep nostalgia tied to it.  From my grandmother’s peach cobblers to the peach ice cream I ordered every summer from my family’s favorite ice cream parlor, peaches remind me of such an innocent and loving time in my life.

peach raspberry

When late summer hits, beautiful peaches flood my farmers markets, and I can’t resist picking up as many as possible.  I throw them in everything from pies and crisps to cakes and of course ice cream.

I mentioned before that peach ice cream was my menu item of choice at my neighborhood ice cream parlor.  I was such a regular that the employees already knew what I, a small child, was going to order.  The peaches were just so fresh, sweet and perfectly ripe when swirled through a creamy smooth vanilla custard.  I could not get enough.  After seeing this Fresh Peach Ice Cream recipe from BHG, these fond memories flooded my mind, and I couldn’t get rid of them until I made it!

peach raspberry

I added in some raspberries because I have become obsessed with peach and raspberry flavor, aka peach melba, combinations lately.  I simply made the following additions to the already perfect recipe:

  • I added 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar to a quart of raspberries (you can revise the amount depending on how sweet your berries are) along with a tablespoon of lime juice and allowed the syrup to develop.
  • I mashed half of the berries and left the rest whole.
  • Once I finished churning the peach ice cream, I alternately layered berries in the ice cream container before storing it in the freezer.

That’s it!  It was super simple to add some additional fruit flavor to such a classic ice cream recipe.  And the delicious flavors of this treat were the perfect trip down memory lane.


4 Responses to “ Peach Raspberry Ice Cream ”

  1. love this ice cream so much. peaches and raspberries together sound amazing and the perfect thing to make before summer’s end!

  2. Peaches and raspberries make the best combination!! Love this ice cream!

  3. I adore peaches and raspberries together! This ice cream looks divine!

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