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Simple Fudge

Apparently, I’m going to steam roll right into holiday baking with this simple fudge recipe. Yep, I’m testing out all my 2014 baking recipes. Two weeks ago, I shared this cookie here, as I mentioned, a great one for shipping.

Here’s another great shipping option as well. This fudge won’t  dry out like other fudge recipes can, and you can ship it as a domed block like you see in the picture to keep it really nice and creamy. Aside from that, I love serving fudge like this. It’s so unexpected, and everyone can cut their serving size to preference.

To get started, click here for the recipe.The finishing coat is just a simple white and dark chocolate melted and then swirled on top for a marble effect. To form the fudge as seen in the picture, find your preferred size bowl and line it with a foil. Then pour your finished fudge into it and let chill to firm.  Pour the dark chocolate all over, then randomly pour the white chocolate on top. With a spatula drag and swirl the white chocolate into the dark chocolate making a marbled pattern. Don’t over do this or you will lose the marbled pattern.

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