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Perfect Lemon Bars

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

Ahhh lemon bars…these are seriously the most perfect lemon bars!

Two of my favorite things, the color yellow, summer and lemons…okay that was three! Hehe! I love summer so much, the sunshine and going outside. I don’t however love the heat in the summer in Florida. But I do love the sunshine. I like to hold onto summer as long as I can and with these lemon bars, you can too!

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

Making the crust is super easy! Cut the butter into the dry ingredients with a pastry blender or a fork.

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

And then pat it flat into a 13×9 inch pan covered in foil and sprayed with baking spray.

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

It took about 4 lemons for me to get enough lemon juice for these bars. I also zested one of thme before juicing them.

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

In they go with the powdered sugar, half and half and eggs.

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

Bake the crust first and then pour the filling over the crust and bake for about 20 minutes.

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

Let them cool completely and then refrigerate them. They are much easier to cut when they are cold. Right before serving, sprinkle the tops with powdered sugar!

Perfect Lemon Bars | BHG Delish Dish

This recipe makes so much, I packaged some up and shared with friends. I have one piece in the fridge left and I’m not sharing it!

This is my go-to lemon bar recipe now!!

Get the recipe for these lemon bars…make them today!

7 Responses to “ Perfect Lemon Bars ”

  1. These bars sound absolutely delicious! Trying them ASAP!

  2. It indeed looks perfect!!

  3. Those look like SUMMER! I have to make these!!

  4. Lemon bars

  5. I was thinking about lemon bars last week and was wondering if orange bars could be made the same way? If you have a recipe for orange bars, I’d love to get it.

    PS Love your site.

  6. Hi Shelton,

    We have a delicious recipe for orange bars here:

    Thank you!
    BHG Editor

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