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Tangerine Butter Cookies

I don’t know about you guys, but as we head into August I always start thinking about Fall and holiday baking. With that, I decided to give these Tangerine Butter Cookies a go since I’ve had them bookmarked for quite a while.

I understand for some of you tangerines may not be in season, but here in California everything is always available. That said, you can easily swap out the tangerine for oranges.

Now with that out of the way, let me tell you . . . you need to make this! Stat. They are one of the best cookies and a new favorite in my home. I was originally so intrigued, because although I’ve made cakes with olive oil, I haven’t tried it in cookies.

In addition to that, the only olive oil I had on hand was a fragrant and fruity kind, so when I was mixing it up, the scent came through real powerful. Which of course made me skeptical that I would have a strong tasting olive oil cookie once they came out of the oven. Along with that, while I was rolling the dough into balls I had a light oil slick from the olive oil, which gave me another reason to pause because I thought maybe the cookies would flatten out into flat discs. But still my curiosity had me and I couldn’t wait for the first the batch.

Out they came and let me say, two words: mind blowing! Seriously. Make these, you won’t regret it. And since I spoke about holiday baking, let me add, these are great for shipping! The olive oil will will keep them moist and prevent them from drying out in route.

To get started click here for the recipe, A few notes:

  • For the decorative impressions on top, I used Rosle’s quirl whisk and a vintage wired spatula.
  • For the glazed ones, I kept the cookies impression-free and dipped them in a simple glaze and sprinkled on some zest and lavendaer
  • The only tweak I made to the recipe was to swap out the 1/2 cup cornmeal for 1/2 cup of almond meal since I didn’t have cornmeal on hand.


7 Responses to “ Tangerine Butter Cookies ”

  1. What type of olive oil did you use/recommend?

  2. These look wonderful! Yours look much nicer than the pic with the recipe so I was wondering: 1-did you roll your cookies in the sugar befored baking; 2-did you flatten them & make designers before baking or after? I would really appreciate knowing so I can try these for an upcoming family reunion. Thanks for sharing.

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