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Raspberry Sorbet

Things are quickly heating up, so as we approach the end of July, I thought I’d help keep everyone a little cooler with this Raspberry Sorbet recipe that I tweaked for a Raspberry and Peach Sorbet.

I figured why not, especially since I saw the other variations at the bottom of the Raspberry Sorbet recipe from the test kitchen. They had raspberry and mango, along with raspberry and pineapple—both sounded equally good, but I had neither on hand. With that I used what I did have on hand: peaches.

If you find yourself in the same situation follow the test kitchen suggestion and omit lime peel and juice and replace the suggested fruit with what you have on hand. I used fresh peaches, not frozen and if you do the same, the sorbet may take 4 – 6 hours instead of 2 hours. Although keep in mind the freezing time also depends on how cold and how full your freezer is.

5 Responses to “ Raspberry Sorbet ”

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  2. I don’t think the peach raspberry combination recipe is really clear. Could you please reprint the whole recipe? Thanx

  3. I can’t find the recipe for peach-raspberry sorbet. Please reprint. Thanks

  4. Where’s the Raspberry sorbet recipe? I followed links here and no recipe.

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