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Backstage At Hell’s Kitchen

Hi all, I’m Laurie Buckle, and I’m here to dish about what it was like to go behind the scenes with Gordon Ramsay and get a real taste of Hell’s Kitchen!

So I hate to blow his cover, but can I just tell you how charming Chef Ramsay really is??? I know he’s got a reputation for being a bit of a brut in the kitchen, but hey, he’s just trying to show the “kids” what it’s really like to work in a professional kitchen, right? Out of the kitchen, sampling the recipes prepared by the contestants, chatting, and generally have a great time, I got to know the “other” Gordon, who happens to be as kind as he is smart, and a real family man.

Chef Ramsay and I ate our way through one dish after another, all created around the concept of using up leftovers from the Hell’s Kitchen fridge. It was great to see (and taste) all the creativity that went into the challenge—though a couple of the cooks took that idea a little too far(!) I learned a few things myself, coming away with some great ideas for “leftover” cooking, a regular Thursday night event in my house.

For your own taste of the show, here’s a picture of Scott Cummings’ winning dish with the recipe below. It’s a really great combo of rich (pancetta/duck/pork) and fresh (love that arugula pesto), with hearty lentils and an easy reduction sauce rounding out the plate. This is going on my list of dinner party dishes.

Get the recipe HERE!

Let me know if you like it as much as Gordon (I think I can call him that now that we’ve shared plates, don’t you?) and I did. Leave a comment here or come find me at

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2 Responses to “ Backstage At Hell’s Kitchen ”

  1. love the show and wow!! what a fantastic and beautiful looking dish!

  2. Love the show love chef Ramsey he’s a real hottie in the kitchen it’s a wonder he doesn’t have a heart attack. The way he gets mad

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