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Oreo and Chocolate Silk Pie

I’m all about no-bake treats as the temperature heats up. Today’s silk pie is based on this Triple Chocolate Silk Pie from here. I swapped out the pastry crust for an Oreo crust and the milk chocolate layer for an Oreo layer.

And while the Oreo crust does require some baking you, can skip that portion to keep it a true no-bake dessert by using a store bought chocolate crumb crust. But if you decide to go the route of making the crust like I did, grab the recipe from here.

As for the rest of the pie, I doubled up on the white chocolate layer and added a 1/4 cup of crushed Oreos to one half the white chocolate layer and left the other half alone. And to finish I gave the top a sprinkling of a little more crushed Oreo.

That’s it for the adaptations. So whether you stick to the original recipe or play around to make this your own by giving it a few add-ins, you can’t go wrong with the base recipe.



29 Responses to “ Oreo and Chocolate Silk Pie ”

  1. please could i have the recipe for oreo and chocolate silk pie. Thanks

  2. I would like the recipe for the Oreo and Chocolate Silk Pie, too! I cannot locate it on this page. Thank you!

  3. link is incorrect, so we have to search to find the recipe. It’s too much effort, so we end up not getting the recipe.

  4. May I also have the recipe please.

  5. I would love the recipe

  6. Guess I’m not the only one with the problem – one link takes me Philadelphia New York Cheesecake, and the other link isn’t functional. Please fix it so we can all enjoy what appears to be a cool treat for summer.
    Thank you

  7. How about the blogger actually write out the recipe as she adapted it instead of sending us readers on a wild goose chase for the recipes she used for this crust or that layer. Poor poor writing and definitely not a blogger. I’ve followed better food bloggers. Perhaps think again before doing another recipe for BHG if you’re going to make us print like 4 different recipes to make one dish.

  8. Can i have the recipe pls..thanks

  9. Please kindly send me the recipe for the Oreo and chocolate silk pie. Thank you!

  10. Try some

  11. Please send me some recipes

  12. I would like to try this recipe,it looks yummy!

  13. Please send me the recipe for the Oreo Silk Pie. Thank you

  14. Please can i have the Recipe for the oreo silk pie.

  15. I have the original silk pie recipe but this
    looks so much better..not just chocolate

  16. The recipe is up at the top, 1st paragraph. They found it on a different site and altered it.

  17. How about just putting the recipe to what is shown right here on this page instead of making people hunt down multiple recipes on multiple pages and trying to mash them together.

  18. This looks so delicious and Classy, thank you for sharing your recipie.

  19. Please share the recipe for oreo and chocolate silk pie no bake dessert. Thanks so much.

  20. Could you please email me the Oreo & Chocolate Silk Pie receipe.It looks wonderful & I would love to make this as soon as I receive your email.
    Regards, Deborah.

  21. Would love to have the recipe and not just a picture.

  22. Can I please have the recipe?

  23. I can please get this recipe from you.
    Thank You
    B White

  24. May I have the Oreo and Chocolate Silk Pie recipe? I can’t seem to locate it on this page. Thank you for thinking it up.

  25. Look up triple choc silk pie on better homes and gardens. And she told us how to add the Oreo layer.

  26. The recipe for the Oreo and chocolate silk pie are at the very top, the first paragraph. You have to click on the link that says “here” highlighted. The Oreo and Chocolate Silk Pie was derived from a different recipe called the Triple Chocolate Silk Pie. It will direct you to a recipe that needs to be altered with the directions that she actually wrote out and gave everyone. Your Welcome!

  27. I am able to locate the chocolate and Oreo pie recipe on this page. May use please send it to me

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