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Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary

Hey everyone!  It’s Ali from Gimme Some Oven, and I’m back today to share our final recipe in our Month of Drinks — a Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary!

This one was a definite “must” since we’re in the heart of tomato season.  It’s the perfect fresh, chilled, and zesty drink for summertime.  And all the better with my favorite bloody mary addition – bacon!

Actually, since I love a good pinch of freshly-cracked black pepper in my bloody mary’s, I decided to go with a nice peppery bacon for this twist on Better Homes and Garden’s classic bloody mary recipe.

All you need to do is fry up a slice of peppered bacon for each serving, double the amount of black pepper in the recipe.  I also added an extra 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika to the recipe for some extra smokiness to go with the bacon, but that’s optional if you don’t have it on hand.

If you also would like to rim your glass, just mix together a tablespoon of kosher salt, a teaspoon of coarse black pepper, and a teaspoon of smoked paprika.  Place the mixture on a small flat plate.  Then run a fresh slice of lemon around the rim, and dip the rim (upside down) in the salt mixture.

Then just pop that bacon in on top, along with whatever other garnishes you would like, and this delicious tomato-y drink is ready to serve.

A great way to drink those veggies, right??

Thanks for joining along for our Month of Drinks!  It has been an honor to be here sharing with you.  Cheers to a great summer ahead, and hope to have you come visit me at Gimme Some Oven!

9 Responses to “ Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary ”

  1. oooh emmm geeee…These look outstanding! Bacon makes everything better!

  2. Took me an awful long time to find the recipe, what with Delish, BHG, etc., and then it was a stupid recipe from BHG for a Bloody Mary, which said: “Vodka Optional”! I assume the peppered bacon is added to a genuine bloody mary recipe? Understand the need for sponsorships, but this one was extremely convoluted. Great blog in spite of this entry.

  3. I started on the site give me some lovin. Then shuffled from site t site and still haven’t seen the recipe. I give up … Why would you want to make it so difficult to find your recipe? I’m out on this one.

  4. soooo, keep clicking to never actually see the recipe? then click back here to see the adaptations i made to it to make it peppery.
    no thank you.

  5. If you highlight the words Smoky Bacon Bloody Mary on google you will get the recipe immediately. And here it is:

  6. Seriously people, just click on the bloody mary recipe link in the article…

  7. I like to bake the bacon with some brown sugar and pepper on it. Another yummy twist is to use Bakon vodka. It adds a smokey richness that is amazing. Cheers.

  8. Where on earth is Peppered Bloody Mary recipe ???

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