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A Year of Pizza: Nutella & S’more Brownie Pizza

After making several traditional pizzas, I wanted to broaden my Year in Pizza series by tackling dessert. When I found this BHG archives recipe for brownie pizza, the perfect idea came to mind for a deliciously sweet dessert. Why not combine a few of my favorite ingredients and recipes for one spectacular pizza?

With summer campfires on the brain, I decided to give the brownie pizza a seasonal twist inspired by the flavor of s’mores.

Once I had my brownie crust prebaked, I started with a layer of Nutella to act as the sauce for my pizza. For toppings, I used mini-marshmallows and some bear-shaped graham crackers to really bring the s’more flavor alive.

Finally, since every pizza needs at least one extra topping, I sprinkled on some tiny peanut butter cups.

After another few minutes in the oven and a couple minutes under the broiler to toast the marshmallows, my pizza was complete. This is such a fun, quick, and totally delicious dessert. What I really love about this recipe is that, like pizza, you can completely customize the toppings. I just thought this combination would be perfect for summer. Making this pizza is a great way to spend a rainy day when you can’t get the campfire going.

You can find the full recipe for my brownie pizza here.

What do you think of my take on this dessert? What toppings would you try?

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

13 Responses to “ A Year of Pizza: Nutella & S’more Brownie Pizza ”

  1. I am not a Nutella fan. Does anyone have suggestions for a substitute ? I’d appreciate it. Since choc chips as well as candy bars also go IMO this would a a snuckers type base work as well as Nutella. ?? Ty

  2. This looks absolutely yummy.

  3. Claudette
    How about Smuckers hot fudge sauce (ice cream fudge topping)?

  4. Marshmallow cream

  5. Try speculoos cookie butter. I’m not a nutella fan either, but cookie butter is awesome!!

  6. How about using Chocolate cream cheese?

  7. Try Trader Joes Cookie spread — it will be to die for.

  8. Look delicious

  9. Chocolate peanut butter would be yummy

  10. What size brownie mix? It says 1 ounce, and that can’t be correct.

  11. I added sprinkles on top for the wow factor

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