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Perfect Strawberry Scones

Hey!! Nice to meet you. I’m Natasha Kravchuk, Blogger/Cooker from Natasha’s Kitchen where I’ve been sharing amazing recipes since ‘09. My motto; if you can read (a well-written, tested, trusted recipe), you can cook! I included step-by-step photos to give you confidence that you’ve got it,… baby you’ve got it!

I knew I found a winner when I tasted these Double Strawberry Scones. They were perfect; billowy, soft, crumbly, studded with a generous amount of fresh strawberries, and topped with a drizzle downpour of sweet glaze. Pair these with a mug of coffee and you’re set! If you’ve never attempted scones, you have to know they’re easy to make! More good news: once you have a good scone base, you can make all kinds of modifications for either sweet or savory scones.

Click here for a full list of exact ingredients and to print the recipe
These are the small changes I made (I love that you can use the base of this recipe and really make it your own).
*I used heavy whipping cream in leu of the half and half because I’m a thrill seeker (in my own mind).
*I also added a full cup of chopped fresh strawberries (teetering on the edge)
*I whipped up a super easy glaze (mixing up 2/3 cup Powdered sugar with about 1 Tbsp Milk) – I’m wild like ‘dat.

Here’s the full photo tutorial for the visual learners:
P.S. I didn’t knead the dough at all, I just pulled it together into a disk. So easy! I made these for my husband and son to enjoy for brunch. My sons eyes lit up as soon as I started adding the glaze (I have a little sugar addict on my hands). My boys gave rave reviews and not a crumb was left behind. I also made a batch for my nieces 3rd birthday party and everyone loved them; especially my niece who was walking around with crumbs on her cheeks.

Why the glaze? I wanted these to whisk you away to that Fabio commercial where he’s playing a violin (or maybe it’s a guitar? actually I’m really not sure if Fabio is musical at all) anyway, you’re standing on a peninsula that’s getting pummeled by the waves below. Of course you’re wearing a billowy floor length tunic (I wanted to say gown, but we have to consider the guys) with your windswept hair swirling around you, pastry in hand, and you’re like “I can’t believe it’s a scone…” I completely just dreamed that up, but it’s good right? These scones take me there. I think I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice way too many times.Do you have a favorite scone?


21 Responses to “ Perfect Strawberry Scones ”

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  2. Natasha, these scones are perfect! Love the fresh strawberries in these beauties!

  3. Natasha! They look gorgeous!!! Can I substitute frozen strawberry or blueberry?

  4. I just made some all with fresh strawberry and they are delish!! They’re still warm! My husband loves them! There’s only one thing I would add, at least 1 more tablespoon of sugar in the dough. This is perfect with a cup of milk.

  5. hey natasha! did you use the basil when you made the scones?

  6. Thanks natasha, but how much milk I should add to this scones ?

  7. Replies to the questions above :)

    Anna – Thank you so much :)

    Tatyana – I wouldn’t recommend frozen. It’s best if the fruit isn’t too wet.

    Lyuda – I omitted only because I didn’t want my son picking out “green stuff”. lol.

    Hooman – just enough to brush the top. Probably not more than 1 Tbsp.

    Thanks everyone and I hope you LOVE the recipe :)

  8. Natasha, how do you make that glaze that goes on the top ?

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  11. Delish & easy! Used 1 cup fresh strawberries and no freeze dried; used heavy cream in place of half and half; added dark chocolate chips; added a tsp or so of vanilla sugar to regular sugar; cut into 8 wedges and placed on silpat. Brushed tops and sides with a bit of heavy cream and sprinkled with vanilla sugar. Didn’t need to adjust my baking time (oven seems to bake faster than most recipes I try). Will make again and hope to remember to add basil as I love that combo :)

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  20. These look great but where is the recipe?

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