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Kale Caesar Salad

My new cookbook, The Forest Feast, just came out and we are doing a GIVEAWAY!

A couple years ago, my husband and I left New York City for a cabin in the woods in Northern California. I had worked as a freelance food photographer in New York, so being in California meant starting over in a way. I decided I needed a new portfolio so I set out to create one at our new cabin, by cooking and shooting with local produce outside amongst the forest. This became my blog, The Forest Feast, and now this cookbook! The book is unique because it’s an art book/cookbook blend. The recipes are displayed visually so there’s not a lot of text to read through. Instead, my own handwriting, photography and watercolor illustrations guide you through the steps. The book features 100 vegetarian recipes that are super simple- most have fewer than 5 ingredients and are easy enough for a weeknight, yet unique enough for entertaining. For a little preview, watch my book trailer, HERE.

Below is one of my favorite recipes from the book. I make it often for dinner parties and it’s a hit! The dressing is super garlicky and the polenta “croutons” make it filling.

Photos and Recipe by Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast cookbook.

As I mentioned earlier, BHG and I are giving away a couple of copies of The Forest Feast cookbook! To enter to win one of 5 copies of The Forest Feast: Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods, tell us below: “What is your favorite way to use kale?”.  For another opportunity to win, connect with Better Homes and Gardens on Twitter and re-tweet the tweet marked with the hashtag #BHGForestFeast. We’ll conduct a random drawing from the entries received to select the winners. See the official contest rules here.

Note: This contest has ended.

Our winners for the blog comments were  Allie who said “Making a simple kale salad…”, Carol who loves “Kale chips,” and  Alex who said “A wilted kale salad and sauteed with quinoa and sweet potato.”

Good luck and Happy Cooking!


132 Responses to “ Kale Caesar Salad ”

  1. It is so hard to choose just one way to use kale! I love having it sautéed with salmon, or baked into chips. But if I had to choose just one, it would be using kale for my workday salad. Cooked chicken, goat or feta cheese, dried fruit, nuts, and whatever else is on hand all goes in.
    I love kale for this though because I can put the dressing on before I leave the house and it doesn’t get all soggy (aka like lettuce and spinach do).
    Yum, I’m hungry just thinking about it.

  2. I love to use kale in soup with white beans!

  3. isa chandra moskowitz recipe book.’ appetite for reduction’ gives an incredible recipe for a kale and quinoa stew that is perfect for the approaching summer nights when it can be enjoyed outside enjoying the last of the sunshine keeping you warm as the day begins to cool. Setting the images from the book above has me looking forward to summer eating outside with friends!

  4. My favourite way to use kale is in a japanese miso salad, with cucumber and seaweed (nori) strips, and mix the miso paste with the japanese mayonnaise and mix together. You can also have extra greens. The kale is the main star – put anything else you want with it, and cover it all in the miso-paste japanese-mayonnaise. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
    Delicious… can be served cold or warm!

  5. i really like kale ceasar or kale chips or kale as greens in soup

  6. I often make a traditional Nederlands dish wit the Kale. i chop it, boil it, and than blend it with some mashed potatoes. as spice i only yous nutmeg, paper and salt, not to much of it, because i, of course, still want the flavor of the kale. We also eat sausage with it. ( I <3 your cookbook, it looks amazing)

  7. Absolutely love ‘wilted’ kale (my take akin to spinach’ with loads and loads of garlic

  8. Hi,

    Well, this is not necessary my favorite way to use it, but I want to share a recipe from my home country: Hungary.
    The original is made with pork, but I’m also a vegetarian, so I write my modified version :)

    Layered kale (aka. rakott kelkáposzta)

    You’ll need a (preferably) glass or ceramic baking tray, a pot and a pan.
    Kale, rice, mushrooms and/or eggplant, garlic, onion, olive oil (or what you prefer), sour cream and you can put cheese as well on top.
    another option is to use lentils instead of mushrooms and eggplant.
    I won’t write portions, because it depends on the size of your tray.

    Make it:
    Cook the rice.
    While it’s cooking, take as much kale leaves which will make 2 or 3 layers in your tray and wash them.
    Chop the onions , garlic and the mushrooms and eggplants to small. Put a pan with the oil and fry the onions and garlic. Add the mushrooms and eggplants, cover with the lid and steam but don’t steam them ready. They should be still a little bit raw, almost cooked. Put enough salt and fresh or dry herbs by your taste.
    While you steaming the mushrooms/eggplant, put water in a pot, enough to cover the kale leaves. When the water is boiling, put the kale leaves and boil them for 30 seconds.
    Now everything is ready to put in the tray. Put a thin layer of oil all over the tray with a brush or hand, before layering.
    The first layer is one layer of kale leaves, salt it, then a layer of rice, then in the middle comes the mushroom/eggplant mix, another layer of rice and on top the kales again. You can make other order as well.
    In the end, mix the sour cream with a little bit of water, just enough to spread the cream easily on the kales. Optionally you can mix some spices and herbs in the sour cream, I think it’s nice :) As an addition, you can put a layer of cheese on top of the sour cream.

    Preheat the oven to 180°C and about 40 mins it should be ready. You can see when it’s ready by sticking a fork in the kale. When it’s easy to stick it in and feels soft, it’s ready. You can also see by the color of the sour cream and cheese. If it’s a little bit brown, it’s time to make the fork test.
    you can cover the tray with it’s lid for half of the baking time, or just leave it open, it’s up to you :)
    As I mentioned, you can make it with a yummy, garlicky, lentils stew instead of the mushrooms and experiment with other options as well :)
    It’s nice to serve it with some fresh sour cream and parsley and paprika on top.

    Bon appetite!
    And big love to you and your blog!

  9. Kale chips w/ paprika!

  10. I only started using kale recently when I got to university because it’s a cheap way to get some good veggies in. I’ve found an amazing recipe for kale and mushroom lasagne. It’s filling, healthy and really tasty!

  11. Just as Erin does, I love when my kale is shaved, raw, and in a salad! Shaved kale with shaved carrots and a simple dressing is absolutely relish!

  12. My favorite way to eat kale is in a salad with sweet potato, walnuts, feta cheese and lemon juice. But that caesar salad looks amazing!

  13. Hey, I really loved your book *–* I actually follow you on tumblr and love your recipes :) Well, answering the question “Whats is your favorite way to use kale?’ : I’m brazilian and here we usually cook it in a very simple way, with garlic and olive oil or sometime butter… It is really tasty and my favorite way of eating it :) Keep doing this amazing work! You are an artist in food and photograph!

  14. Love it as a bitter-ish note in pea and ham soup!

  15. Okay, I know kale is super versatile but I like it straight up…steamed to perfection, holding its beautiful ‘forest’ green color (get it, forest green :)) It has a noble spot on the dinner plate next to other seasoned and sauced recipes. It needs nothing more.

  16. Simple salad or smoothie :)

  17. looks delicious! i also like making kale pesto

  18. I like to make Cajun kale chips or throw it into a smoothie! I also made a recipe to use at my job that uses ginger-pickled kale (it looks kind of like seaweed salad) as a side dish to spicy Chinese pork belly.

  19. I like to make kale chips, lay your kale on a cookie sheet and sprinkle olive oil and salt and bake, simple but good!

  20. We are big fans of sauteed kale with balsalmic vinegar!!

  21. My favorite use of kale is in stir-fry! Especially paired with onions, garlic and thin slices of rib-eye steak~ Yummy!

  22. I read about a ‘massaged’ kale salad on a blog years ago and now it is my favorite use for kale.

  23. So far, Kale Kumquat Salad, but I am anxious to try this recipe! Thank you !

  24. My favourite way to consume kale is when it’s super fresh, raw, and chopped up small, with a tasty vegan Caesar dressing. Clean eating at its finest.

  25. I love kale sauteed with garlic on top of cheesy grits. Yum!

  26. I love kale on sandwiches – other greens feel limp and I appreciate the crunch and flavor kale provides

  27. My favorite way to use kale is in a lentil, kale, and quinoa soup. So filling, so delicious, and so healthy!

  28. Lately my fiancee and I can’t stop eating a sesame kale salad. It is so delicious and is a perfect side to take to the office for lunch.

  29. I just love your creative yet simple takes on classic recipes! I’d love a copy of the cookbook, it’s already on my amazon wishlist, but free wouldn’t hurt! One of my favorite ways to use kale is a simple saute’ with a bit of garlic and coconut oil as a bed for a couple over-easy eggs, topped with red pepper flakes. Simple and delicious!

  30. I love to put cooked kale on a pan, with bacon, garlic and onion and salt+pepper, then put mixture in a bowl->into oven, and pour milk+eggs+salt mixture on it, then bake it .3

  31. I actually have two ways! #1 is to use it in a wilted Kale salad: i dress the Kale with lemon, olive oil, red wine vinaigrette, salt, pepper, and a hint of soy sauce. I let it soak for up to an hour–then I add pomegranate seeds, goat cheese (or feta) chopped red onion and slivered almonds! The 2nd way is to sautee it with quinoa and sweet potato! YUM!

  32. I love to make Greek spanakopita with kale.

  33. Is it weird that I’ve never tried kale? I’m so mystified by it.

  34. My favorite way to use kale is by making a simple kale salad with some lemon juice and olive oil massaged into the leaves. Then, I add whatever delicious and fresh veggies we have in our fridge. Easy and nutritious!

  35. I love to make different varieties of kale chips! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I love using kale in my green smoothies!

  37. I love cutting up kale into tiny strips and adding them with other tasty ingredients to make stuffed mushrooms!

  38. Yum. I love kale in thin strips in salads, much like this recipe. It brings depth and bite to a bowl of regular greens. I also love-love-love topping pizzas on the grill or pizzas in the oven with kale ribbons. It looks gorgeous, is super healthy, and tastes so gooood!

  39. I massaged kale in a salad with dried cranberries, apples, and goat cheese.

  40. The best way to cook kale? Kale chips, of course! In fact the best way to cook nearly anything is to add salt, oil, and chip-ify it. Coconut oil, sesame seeds, maple syrup are some great add ins too.

  41. I have two favorite forms to use Kale:
    As baked chips in the oven
    In juice wirh fruits

  42. Juicing!

  43. I love to steam kale, then sauté it on the stove with potatoes, onion, fresh herbs and olive oil with a little Dijon mustard; really delicious.

  44. You can’t go wrong with a simple kale salad! I usually massage the kale and dress it with a citrus vinaigrette. Delish! Either that, or kale chips made in the dehydrator!

  45. I LOVE to use kale in my pasta– saute and add to penne with butternut squash and goat cheese!

    or, i like it as a salad alternative with parmesan cheese

  46. Kale chips, of course! The kale that everyone likes.

  47. My favorite way to use kale is in soup!

  48. I love making kale chips to sprinkle on salads or just as a snack.

  49. I buy kale powder. My favorite way to use to stir a scoopful into smoked red pepper and gouda soup.

  50. i love kale over pasta!

  51. I love to use kale as my weekly salad base-usually with shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and a lemon vinaigrette. Simple and delicious!

  52. My favorite way to use kale is in salads, whether it be caesar style or with blue cheese, pear, and candied walnuts. I love the idea of adding polenta!

  53. Yum! I love to make sweet & spicy kale chips.

  54. I have a kale smoothie at least three days a week but I also love kale in a vegetable soup, it adds the perfect green rustic touch

  55. kale chips of course! or in a soup with andouille sausage and orzo.

  56. My favorite way to eat Kale is in homemade vegetable beef soup!

  57. KALE CHIPS!!!! <3

  58. I love simple kale salad the way my mom makes it- lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and kale of course. So simple, healthy, refreshing and delicious!

  59. Kale chips fabulous snack or side dish. Kids eat them not even realizing how healthy they are. !!!!

  60. Kale chips…..

  61. Sauteed in olive oil with garlic and ginger then sprinkled with coarse sea salt.

  62. Forget lettuce, Kale is the only way to go! Juiced, sauteed, steamed – delicious!

  63. I love to make this kale & quinoa side dish. It’s creamy with herbs, lemon juice, and sour cream plus a kick of parmesan cheese. Almost like a pilaf once all is said & done, it goes great with grilled chicken breast!

  64. I’m afraid I’m not a fan of kale, so my favorite thing to do with it is give it to someone else (however, this particular recipe looks tempting and might just change my mind about kale…)

    Am curious about the non-kale recipes in your book! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win a copy.

    Best wishes,

  65. I just started to use kale in my smoothies (I was previously a spinach only kind of girl), and I LOVE it. I’m still getting the hang of it, but adding it seems to be having a real benefit. Looking forward to trying this recipe as it gets hotter here in Seattle!

  66. Kale chips!

  67. I have actually never in my life eaten kale. Is that terrible? One of these days…

  68. My favorite way to use kale is to buy rainbow kale and use them in planters mixed with other plants. After awhile I cut it and sauté with some garlic oil. First I enjoy it’s beauty in the planter then I enjoy it’s taste. It’s a win, win for me.

  69. Kale chips are my favorite: a little olive oil, garlic salt, and baked!! My roommate also makes this awesome kale salad with apple, lemon, pine nuts, Parmesan, and kale. Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

  70. I love kale chips…your book looks amazing!

  71. I love using kale sauteed with garlic and sundried tomatoes!

  72. I love sauteed kale with garlic, sundried tomatoes, and some balsamic!

  73. I love kale chips. Your book looks amazing!

  74. What a wonderful giveaway! I am in my twenties and recently found out I have Lupus, so I have been trying to eat with my body in mind and kale has become a new favorite of mine due to all the health benefits. My favorite way to use kale so far is in kale and edamame salad with a lemon vinaigrette.

  75. I’m a huge fan of kale chips!

  76. I love sautéing kale and chard in olive oil and garlic. Add soaked raisins and toasted walnuts, serve over your favorit pasta and enjoy! I’m inspired by a recipe in the Field of Greens cookbook.

  77. My favorite way to cook kale is stewed with tomatoes, garlic, a little bit of liquid smoke and some apple cider vinegar. It’s delicious!

  78. sauteed with garlic and tossed with cauliflower cream sauce

  79. Kale frittata with whatever cheese is in the house or kale, chorizo, and garbanzo stew in the pressure cooker.

  80. Hooray–what a great giveaway! My favorite way to eat kale is simply sauteed with garlic and olive oil. Of course, minestrone with kale is a close second, especially if there are plenty of olives. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  81. I sauté some garlic and shallot in coconut oil and add turmeric and curry then the kale, a can of organic coconut milk and some tart dried cherries. YUM!

  82. I pledge my allegiance to kale chips!

  83. I love Kale that I grow. Just simply steamed with an egg on top while steaming, quick and healthy delicious❗

  84. I mostly use kale in my juicer with ginger pear and lettuce. My other go to is Dr. Hymans raw kale salad :) love your blog and hoping I win your beautiful book.

  85. Never used it, don’t even know what it is!

  86. I love kale roasted with a little olive oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast. I also love it in green smoothies!

  87. I make a yummy 15 bean soup w/kale, carrots, celery & butternut squash. Finish w/pinon seeds. Nom-nom!

    BTW-I’m loving the recipes everyone is leaving above. Must try!

  88. Kale and white bean soup is my favorite way to eat kale. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book.

  89. I love kale salads. My current favorite is kale mixed with avocado, sunflower seed kernels, blueberries, and tamari.

  90. I predict that kale caesar salad with polenta croutons will be my new favorite, but my good old standby is to massage kale with olive oil and salt. It’s great just that way, but with chopped apple and feta, maybe some walnuts, even better!

  91. I love kale in soups. It holds up really well so I usually replace spinach in soup recipes with kale.

  92. Kale chips of course! With sea salt.

  93. I love growing kale as the first produce to ring in the start of spring. It’s lovely to have something green and growing before all the other produce is ready! We wilt it into soups, toss it into smoothies, and bake it until it’s crispy as a healthy alternative to potato chips!

  94. I’m so excited for this opportunity! My favorite way to have kale is messaged, and caesar salad style. Preferably with a smoky vinaigrette. :)

  95. *massaged

  96. I’ve actually never tried kale, but this recipe could be a good way to start.

  97. Kale chips! So delicious and addicting.

  98. My favorite way to use kale is to saute/steam it (with olive oil, garlic, and either water, stock, or whey), then to eat it on top of rice and topped with a fried or poached egg. (But I also like to chiffonade it into salads like in this recipe, and I recently started putting my sauteed/steamed kale on top of pizza!)

  99. My favorite way to use kale is in soups! I love that I can add kale and it won’t wilt into mush like spinach. It’s my go-to veggie for Italian wedding soup!

  100. I love kale! I eat it most often in a smoothie with a banana and almond milk but I love it in a salad with wild rice and feta.

  101. I love putting kale in my scrambled eggs!

  102. I love kale in soups. Especially a spicy bean soup with kale and grilled shrimp :)

  103. My favourite way is in curries or in fresh salads!

  104. Kale chips with a hemp seed/paprika/garlic/lemon dressing!

  105. I love kale salads. My favorite recipe has kale, pomegranate seeds, feta, and wild rice in it. Delicious!

  106. Kale smoothie! Kale, frozen pineapple, banana, chia seeds, water (or coconut water). The best!

  107. steamed kale with raspberry vinegar
    in the bottom of a custard cup
    an egg on top
    sprinkled with salt, pepper, paprika,
    baked in the oven until egg is set

    served with a dollop of plain greek yogurt

  108. I have never tasted it so I guess I will try it very soon!

  109. Personally, I love to make kale Chips and sprinkle over a batch of popcorn.

  110. Kale in lieu of pasta is my favorite use. Kale lasagna is delicious! The leaves soak up the flavors of the other ingredients and make for a lighter and brighter dish than traditional lasagna noodles.

  111. I love kale in soup and or as kale chips.

  112. I like Kale in soups and salads. I also love Kale chips from Trader Joes. I haven’t tried making them on my own yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. I LOVE kale salads and your Kale Caesar Salad with Polenta Croutons is my new favorite! Great dressing!

  114. In a smoothie!

  115. I love baby kale in salads yum yum!! And the more mature kale as chips :P

  116. I don’t really like kale but it’s pretty good sauteed with lots of butter and garlic. Real simple. Yum.

  117. I love it in my morning juice.

  118. I love kale in all sorts of things, but a family favorite is kale salad with a citrus dressing and a date and hazelnut crumble on top!

  119. I love kale chopped up in my vegetarian chili. Extra goodness and it makes the chili look pretty to have some green in it.

  120. My favourite way to use kale would be to juice it! I also enjoy it sautéed with garlic, or dehydrated for chips.

  121. Kale and potato soup!

  122. It is hard to chose just one way to use kale. The most common way I use kale is in smoothies and in kale chips.

  123. My favorite way to use kale is simply steaming it with a dash of balsamic vinegar!! I probably make this (or other greens about once a week!

  124. I love using Kale with a little olive oil, a pinch of salt, and roasting for 20-25 minutes to make a crispy Kale chip! So yummy :)

  125. I like to add Kale to soups.

  126. Raw Kale Salad!!! Yum. With avocado, of course.

  127. I love to eat kale so many ways! In the winter, kale often appears in the warming soups that I make. My favorite of those is Portuguese Kale Soup.

  128. Does there have to be a FAVORITE way? My current favorite has to be the egg baked with kale. I bought ramekins and have been cooking everything in them. Perfect portions!

  129. Thank you all for these amazing comments and ideas, WOW! Thanks for participating in the contest and congrats to all the winners! I hope you enjoy the book :)

  130. I LOVE KALE SALADS… I could eat them everyday!!!!!

  131. I wilt my kale then mix it with sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions. I serve it as a side dish or occasionally use it to top a baked potato.

  132. I love kale chips!!!!! I also really enjoy kale mixed in with mashed potatoes (:

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