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Bacon, Egg and Spinach Muffins

Hi, it’s Lori Lange from visiting the BHG Delish Dish blog again this week with another breakfast/ brunch recipe for Bacon, Egg and Spinach Muffins.  I took a peek at BHG’s original recipe for Bacon and Egg Muffins and decided that they needed some greenery.

I added a handful of chopped fresh spinach to the recipe, and they ended up being a big hit with everyone in my family.

These muffins are flour-based, with a little bit of cornmeal added in too.  I love the texture that the cornmeal provides.  The interesting part of this recipe is that you don’t add regular eggs to the recipe- you add already scrambled eggs!  Isn’t that crazy?  It totally works.  The cheese is a major bonus too.

This is my trick for making sure that muffins get evenly distributed in muffin tins without making a giant mess.  Use a springform ice cream scoop.  The amount that ends up inside the scoop is perfect for gently releasing into the muffin tins.

And then there’s the bacon.  I hold a strong belief that bacon should be in just about everything.  I’m thankful there’s a generous chunk of bacon in these muffins too.

And there they are – all baked and puffed up to perfection.  These are a fabulous grab-and-go kind of muffin, and they freeze and defrost wonderfully if you like to prepare make-ahead breakfasts…

…OR you can choose to serve them warm with a nice dose of maple syrup.  That’s how my family liked them best.

I followed the BHG recipe for Bacon and Egg Muffins for this recipe, but I mixed in a handful of chopped spinach to the batter before baking.

10 Responses to “ Bacon, Egg and Spinach Muffins ”

  1. These look heavenly! Love the bacon sticking out of them. Yum!!

  2. love ur receipe good for my daycare kids and my kids lolo

  3. Love this! Easy way to get protein and veggies into my preschooler to start the day right! Thanks!

  4. what a great idea!

  5. My “green”? Fresh roasted, chopped New Mexico green chile (added garlice to the chile, of course). I chopped the bacon too! Using scrsmbled eggs makes the prep time a snap and cooking time really quick!

  6. Hubby and I are not spinach eaters, I might want to improvise with something else, I might just try Ham and eggs instead since I have some.

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