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Lemon Vanilla Tarts

Spring is here and with that I’m going light in flavor with this Lemon Vanilla Tart. It’s just the right amount of sweetness accompanied by a bite of citrus. The candied lemon isn’t necessary, but if you are big into lemon, you won’t want to skip it.

I made this for a gathering with friends, and we all loved it. In fact so much so, I’ve been asked to make it again for our next month’s gathering—works for me since you can make the crust up to five days ahead of time and the filling up to a day ahead.

To get started click here for the filling recipe from this Lemon Vanilla Tart. For the crust I swapped out the tart pastry for the shortbread crust in this recipe and doubled the recipe to make six 6 inch. individual tarts. Admittedly, it’s a bit more work, but I love the butter-richness of a shortbread crust with a lemon filling. Enjoy!

One Response to “ Lemon Vanilla Tarts ”

  1. These recipes show baking times for a 9 inch pan, but your pictures show 6 inch individual tarts (which I love, or may do bite sized mini cupcake sized tarts). How would the baking time change and would I still need to cover them in foil for some time like the recipes say for the larger crusts?

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