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Strawberry Meringues

I’m a bit early for strawberry season, but we are only weeks away. With that, I flipped this raspberry meringue recipe to a strawberry meringue.

Of course if neither are in season for your area anytime soon, find one that is. For this recipe, you can short cut making homemade jam for store-bought, so you aren’t limited.


A few notes:

  • To get started. Click here for the recipe. 
  • To make this your own: (1) Flip this to any flavor you prefer by simply switching out the jam, or (2) try using Nutella, peanut butter, melted chocolate—want to take this over the top (3) infuse your jam with a little booze.
  • You can also place your meringue in a pastry bag fitted with a tip and shape them that way. For what you see here, I just dropped a spoonful on to a parchment-lined bakesheet.
  • If you want strong swirls like you see in the picture, avoid the pastry bag, as the jam tends to blend and ends up dyeing the meringue.

9 Responses to “ Strawberry Meringues ”

  1. these are STUNNING!

  2. These are SO pretty and I love the swirls of pink and red throughout!!

  3. These look delicious!

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