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Mocha Custards

Here’s one to bookmark. This Mocha Custard is perfect for almost every occasion—dressed-up dinner or causal dining, just change out the baking vessel and you’ll see (keep reading). The other reason to bookmark this recipe, you can pull this together in just 20 minutes.

Now the fun part, as I mentioned, this great for almost any occasion: to dress up this dessert, use stemless martini glasses (make sure they are heat pro0f), for casual dining you can use espresso cups like I did here or ramekins, as seen in the original recipe here.

For a fun tweak to this recipe: replace the coffee with 2 teaspoons of loose earl grey tea leaves, then follow the directions of step one, but bring the mixture to a slight simmer, remove from heat and let the mixture steep for 2- 3 minutes. Strain and then continue to step two of the recipe.

That’s it for this easy, fun and highly adaptable recipe. If you come up with some creative tweaks, make sure you come back and share it with the rest of us in the comment section. To get started on this Mocha Custard recipe click here. 


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  1. This is absolutely stunning.

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