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Blood Orange Pound Cake

I am a huge blood orange fan and wait for the season each year. So when I found this recipe Blood Orange Pound Cake, I had to make it. And when you make it, let me advise you, double the sauce—yes, it’s that good.

I don’t know if anyone else has had problems sourcing blood oranges this year, but from what I’ve been told by several local farmer’s markets is that the crop was small this year. If you can’t find blood oranges, any citrus will work.

As for the rest of the recipe, you can skip rum in the sauce if you prefer, but I don’t recommend—it makes the sauce and the cake. As for the pan, follow the directions and use a tube pan, the center column will help to heat the cake evenly. And if you loaf pan it may take a bit longer to bake but start checking for doneness around 45-50 minutes.

That’s it, enjoy! To get started, click here for the recipe.

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