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Chocolate, Coconut, and Almond Bars

You are gonna love this 6-ingredient, no-bake bar. Think of this Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Bar as a granola bar meets rice krispie treat, and one that comes together in under 10 minutes.

See what I mean about loving it? Market this however you want it—granola bar, granola krispie bar—just make it!


Oh, and look, I stayed true to the recipe—no messing around. I didn’t tweak a thing. I did have to use two types of coconut since I was out of sweetened coconut flakes (unsweetened coconut chips and fine coconut crumb – the later being the type you use for macarons). My point in sharing this is so you can see the recipe is highly adaptable, so get creative—I know I will next time.

I’m thinking: dried fruits, caramel bits, and different types of granola. My mind is gonna go crazy with mixing and matching for the next batch.

To get started, click here for the recipe. For a few notes keep reading:

  • I bypassed the foil sling for parchment, to avoid having to butter the foil. And as you can see, I also used binder clips on each side to hold the parchment in place—not necessary, unless you are a control freak like me.
  • For the “crispy flake and crunchy oat cluster cereal” I used a French vanilla granola mix you buy in the bulk bins at health food stores.
  • I bypassed the coconut extract (I didn’t have any on hand).
  • I went out of order with the instructions and just mixed the chocolate chips in with the all the other dry ingredients, rather than waiting until the end when the mixture cooled since that would require a little more elbow grease. Keep in mind if you do the same the chocolate chips will melt some—I didn’t mind though.
  • I also finished with an extra 2 tablespoons of coconut crumb on top for an added kick in flavor.
  • To get a nice flat and even top, I used a fondant smoother to push the bars to an even finish.

8 Responses to “ Chocolate, Coconut, and Almond Bars ”

  1. Forgive me if I am missing it…where is the recipe? The ideas are limitless (why didn’t I think of this??) Thanks!!

  2. okay I thought I was really missing something when I didn’t see the recipe glad to know I am not the only one!
    Please post these sound delicious

  3. The recipe is linked below the last photo: “To get started, click here for the recipe.”

    Here’s the URL:

  4. The recipe is linked below the last photo

  5. the recipe is under the last picture where it states, “to get started, click HERE for the recipe.”

  6. The recipe says a 1oz bag of marshmallows – I am assuming that’s a typo?

  7. Never mind, the typo is just on the print screen, lol. 10 oz bag of marshmallows I see now…

  8. Yummy!

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