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Snickering Tartlets

I found this Snickering Tartlet recipe hidden in this slideshow. I saw them and knew I had to make them for the Super Bowl. They are a perfect little crowd pleaser. And don’t worry if you are allergic to peanuts keep reading to see how you can switch it up.

I stayed true to the recipe with the exception of the crust. Yes, I was a bit lazy and decided bypass cutting out pie crust for ready-made tart crust (purchased on Amazon). Of course, my busy hands did give it some extra embellishments, but not much. I added a dollop of cream cheese frosting to the top and then sprinkled it with some crushed Snickers before topping it with a tiny piece of Snickers.

That’s it—fast and easy—and what a little show stopper this dessert is.

**If you have a peanut allergy, you can swap out the peanut butter portion with any other nut butter or even Nutella, dulce de leche, or a thick caramel (I recommend homemade caramel or the kind you dip apples in, not the caramel sauce you drizzle on ice cream, the latter is too thin). Of course while you are at, you can make this your own by swapping out the candy as well.

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