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White Chocolate and Cranberry Pot de Creme

For those still recovering from holiday baking fatigue, this New Year’s Eve dessert is a low-fuss, show-stopping dessert. To start, I used the white chocolate pot de crème recipe from here and topped it with the cranberry filling recipe from here. For a festive finish I rimmed the glasses with some gold disco dust.

Aside from being totally easy, the best part of this dessert—the creamy chocolate against the sweetness of cranberries will have you reaching for seconds between champagne sips.

Here’s to ringing in 2014! Cheers!

*Note: To rim the glass, chill the pot de crème, place a teaspoon of disco dust in the palm of your hand; turn and press the sides of the glass into the disco dust. 

16 Responses to “ White Chocolate and Cranberry Pot de Creme ”

  1. I don’t know what disco dust is, but I want it right now. These are gorgeous and I love the simplicity!
    Plus, they are in a shot glass. Hello perfect for NYE!

  2. where is the recipe?

  3. I have read that disco dust is not edible, though it is non-toxic.
    Is it a good idea to put it on this dessert?

  4. Ursula – I have not read that about disco dust, so my best advice, if you aren’t comfortable using it then skip it.

  5. Pretty! And if you’re concerned about the disco dust, edible glitter may give you the same results:

  6. This looks amaaazing! :)

  7. Might be smart to post the recipe..

  8. Disco dust is PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER!!! It is NOT for use on any food–ever. Doesn’t matter that it’s non toxic–it’s PLASTIC and we don’t feed plastic to people.

    Edible glitter is made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin.

  9. where is the recipe? every site i pull up has the cover photo but not the recipe

  10. where’s the recipe?? every link only brings you back to here

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