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Brown Butter Sugar Cookies

Happy brown butter holidays!


Today, I’m shoving one of my favorite ingredients inside of a classic cookie. I’m so into it. Sugar cookies are gettin’ a facelift! Brown butter botox, to be exact.



I used this recipe for melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies and instead plain old butter, browned my butter first. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I’m not sure if there is anything that doesn’t work with brown butter.

Wait, no. I am sure. There isn’t one single thing. Brown butter wins at life.



It’s super simple too: add your butter (salted or unsalted works, for this recipe I used unsalted) to a skillet over medium heat. As soon as it begins to melt, whisk constantly until you see brown bits appear on the bottom of the skillet. The minute you see those bits, remove the skillet from the heat and whisk for about 15 more seconds. You can find a super easy photo step-by-step tutorial here.

Now please go brown your butter for everything.



For the cookies, I poured the browned butter into a bowl and let it cool completely to room temperature, to the point where it was in solid form again. I found it was best to do this overnight. Once the butter cools, place a piece of plastic wrap over top and let it sit on your counter. In the morning, make your cookies as directed, scraping out all those delicious brown bits from the bowl. Easy peasy.



We enjoyed these classic cookies as is, dipping their crinkly edges into milk. But they would also be perfect with some frosting on top and of course, with tons of rainbow sprinkles. Can it get any better?

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