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White Chocolate Lemon Butter Cookies

Adapted from Tangerine Butter Cookies.


It took me a long time to come around to lemon desserts. The never seemed to tickle my fancy or cure my craving when I wanted something sweet or rich or stuffed with chocolate. Then, I started to get old.



It’s only fitting, considering when I was a kid I assumed that lemon desserts were only for “old people” because they were my grandmother’s favorite. To my surprise, my ignorance was rewarded in my early twenties as I started loving lemon desserts and wanting them instead of my usual peanut butter cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache. So weird.

It’s a love, but a different kind of love, nonetheless. Lemon treats still don’t satisfy certain cravings I get, but I’m completely in lust with all things lemon these days. They have cravings all their own.



Lemon is refreshing. Even if it’s inside of a rich dessert, it still seems light and airy. It’s rarely hurt-your-teeth sweet and almost cleansing on the palate. All the lemon things… bring them to me!



Starting with, like, four dozen of these lemon butter cookies. I used this exact tangerine butter cookie recipe, simply swapping the tangerine flavors for lemon and adding in white chocolate chunks. White chocolate is another one of those things that isn’t always first on my list, but I find it meshes perfectly with citrus when you want to add a touch of indulgence.



The other crazy awesome thing inside of these cookies? White cornmeal. I was hesitant at first, but it adds an element of texture that I’d never had in a cookie. I suggest finding a very fine white cornmeal or even running a coarser grind through your food processor. It gives the cookies an extra chew that makes them irresistible.



Oh and P.S. – these cookies have a fair amount of olive oil inside them too. That totally makes them a health food. I mean, the more you eat… the more your skin will glow. That’s reason enough for me.

24 Responses to “ White Chocolate Lemon Butter Cookies ”

  1. Hi

    This recipe is awsome!!!. How many chunks of white chocolate I add in this?? Thanks

  2. what about the extract?
    how much white chocolate?

  3. I have the same question re: white choc chips and is the amt of extract the same? I’m in agreement about loving things lemon!

  4. question re: how much white choc chips and the amt of extract the same? I’m in agreement about loving things lemon!

  5. How much white chocolate ? When did you mix the chocolate in?

  6. How much white chocolate do you use?

  7. I also would like to know how much chips and also making sure that instead of tangerine flavoring you used same amount of fresh lemon use?

  8. The recipe for the lemon cookies gives no amount for the white chocolate . I would like to try the recipe . Thank you.

  9. Please clarify the amt of Chocolate and Lemon to use in this receipt. I would lie to make them for my family & friends this season. Thank you. Have a blessed winter season.

  10. I would also like to know how much white chocolate and do you melt the chocolate first, I don’t see any chips in the cookies pictured above.

  11. I’m with everyone else…would like to try, but how much chocolate ? … thanks !

  12. Ditto for me too on amount of chocolate…

  13. i dont like to use lemon extract because it tastes like lemon extract not good fresh lemon juice could be used by leaving 1 egg out.

  14. I can’t find the recipe. Obviously I’m missing something?

  15. Do you just use the tangerine recipe, switch to lemon and add the white chocolate?

  16. need the reciipe for white choc. lemon butter cookies

  17. Please tell me the recipe with the white chocolate added. How much and at when do I add it and in what form?

    Thank you!

  18. it is very frustratlng to want to make these cookies and not be able to find the recipe.

  19. Just cross referenced Jessica’s blog for the white chocolate issue – she says on that it’s about 1/2 cup.

    I, personally would just swap one citrus extract for the other, so as to not mess with the consistency of the cookie.

    Hope this helps you all go get your cookie on!!!

  20. Oh, and the recipe itself can be found under the header, as a link after “adapted from.” Just click “tangerine butter cookies.” It’s linked again in the fourth paragraph, too. The direct link is

  21. I would love to make these for my monthly book club, I agree about lemon extract, How much lemon juice would replace the extract and would I use the 2 eggs or just one? Your help will be appreciated. Thank you

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