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Black Forest Cupcakes

I’m Alexandra Hedin and I like to have fun. I want everyday to be a party so I cook and craft with my three {young!} children out of a renovated fire station in Seattle, Washington. You can play along with me everyday on my blog – and find all sorts of recipes and videos on my website. Let’s have fun together!  

Black Forest Cake is my absolute favorite cake.  I usually have it for my birthday and then spend the rest of the year strategizing how to work Black Forest Cake into the menu.  For Halloween this year, the red goopy filling from this Better Homes & Gardens Black Forest Cake seemed like the perfect filling for a syringe.  All I needed was a cake to ‘inject’ it into!

Since a syringe filled with delicious cherry filling was not quite enough for me, I cut a small hole out of the top of each cupcake and filled it with more filling.  Replacing the top of the cupcake with a bit of cake turned out to be essential for getting the syringe to properly stay in the place.

My favorite part of these cupcakes is that they are perfect for a class party with older kids or a Halloween party.  You can even use store bought cupcakes (I won’t tell) and add the syringe when you get to the party!


Happy Halloween!


BHG Original Black Forest Cupcake recipe found here


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  1. Stop it! Those are adorable!

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