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Boston Cream Pie

Sometimes cake is in order. For me that happens more often than for most people. That said, it should be no surprise when I tell you cake is my favorite food. The problem arises when I want it is—what kind?

Sure a classic chocolate is what I usually grab for, but this time around I wanted something different. Something I’ve had before but never actually made myself, well at least not in a cake form.

The order: Boston Cream Pie.

Let me just be straight with you—make this. It’s lovely and rich in vanilla with the pastry cream. Perfect in texture—bodied, but not heavy, light but not airy.  Of course I did give it a chocolate ganache vs. a chocolate glaze – for an added chocolate rich.

Along with all that, it’s extremely easy to make and assemble. I would suggest that you make the pastry a day in advance, so you aren’t waiting around for it chill and set before using. For that matter, the cake can easily be made a day ahead and brought to room temperature prior to serving.

12 Responses to “ Boston Cream Pie ”

  1. That looks amazing! Definitely one of my favourite cakes!

  2. This is beautiful and I love the recreation of the donut into a cake form!

  3. My mother in law makes the best BCP, but it always serves up sloppy. Your’s looks perfectly elegant! Beautiful shots.

  4. Such a beautiful pie ~ I bet sooooo tasty!

  5. We love this classic! Gorgeous styling, Naomi!

  6. this is just beautiful.

  7. I always loved this as a child… I need to make one again

  8. This looks so good — where can I get the recipe?

  9. My Grandmother made this, it was her signature creation, I would love this recipe.

  10. Would love the recipe

  11. Did someone really think the Boston cream pie was a doughnut first?

  12. where is the recipe? This is a tease without it.

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