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Apple Pie Bread

Hi everyone! I’m Shelly from Cookies & Cups and I’m excited to be sharing this tasty fall recipe on Delish Dish today! This Apple Pie Bread is an easy quick bread that is insanely good and very easy!

I am all about quick breads…basically because they are cake, called bread.  I mean really.

And keeping that in mind, this Apple Pie Bread, while called a “bread” is basically cake you can eat for breakfast.  Awesome.

I mean, no one is going to think twice when you’re eating apples and bread…it’s essentially health food…or something…


Anyhow, this Apple Pie Bread is my new favorite food group.  I’ve made it twice in 3 days… and I may or may not have another loaf in the oven right now. What?

AND the recipe came from the new BHG Baking book which is possibly the new love of my life.  Sorry husband.


Let’s talk this though, kay?


First get your apples.  You’ll need about 4.

I grated mine making a heaping 2 cups…

Then make your batter…it’ll come together very easily.

A little buttermilk…

A little vanilla…

Pour that in your greased loaf pan.  Then you need to get your streusel going.  Because please, streusel is never optional.

I actually adapted the BHG recipe slightly in that I used crushed spice cookies (Biscoff to be exact) in place of the nuts.  I’m not a huge nut girl, so this was an easy substitute.

Work your streusel together..

And then spread it all over the top of your batter…

Bake that guy up for about an hour-ish… it will look like this when it’s done…

Seriously gorgeous, right?

Let that cool in the pan for about 10 minutes and flip it out ever so carefully to finish cooling.

Now.  Here’s the kicker…the recipe says that once it’s cooled, you’ll need to wrap it up in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight before slicing…

UGHHHHHH!  It’s tough to do, but you must.


When those long overnight hours have passed it’s time to eat.

But wait.

So I decided to deviate ever so slightly from the recipe, and this step IS totally optional…

And make a glaze to drizzle all up on that loaf.


I took 1/4 cup of Biscoff spread (since I used that in the streusel) and mixed it with 3 Tbsp of milk and 1 cup of powdered sugar.

Oh, and a healthy pinch of cinnamon too…

Mix that until it’s smooth and drizzle that all over the top…

I mean…

Just stop it…

So yeah, you need this.  In a bad way.

Now click here for the full recipe…without the drizzle!

43 Responses to “ Apple Pie Bread ”

  1. Ohhhh heavens! I will sooooooo be making this.

  2. that looks amazing! would it be bad to eat it all in one sitting? I mean it’s got apples in it right?

  3. I’m peeling apples from my tree right now. What perfect timing! looks delish!

  4. I know what you mean about BHG. I got one of their cookbooks for a wedding gift 32 years ago and I am still using it. I love their recipes. I will be rushing out after I submit my comment to get apples so that I can make this bread. YUM!!

  5. We just went apple picking this weekend so I am looking for some apple recipes…this looks awesome. And I’m a huge fan of drizzle. But what’s Biscoff spread?

  6. Betsy ~ Biscoff Spread is a peanut butter type spread, but it’s not made with nuts. It’s more like a creamy ginger/spice/graham cookie in spread form.. it’s insanely delicious! You could also use Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, it’s almost the same!

  7. What varieties of apples do you recommend in this recipe?

  8. Yummy! Just picked apples from our tree! We will be eating this Sunday after church at coffee hour! So excited!
    Made your Movie Candy cookies yesterday too! But since I swiped the candy from our 10 gallon Halloween cauldron, I am calling them Halloween candy cookies!
    I used Snickers, Milky Ways, Reese’s Pieces and Plain M&M’s! I set some aside to take for coffee hour as well, but my 18 year old son had other plans. He took that tin to his girlfriends house and they ate them for dessert!
    Man, I guess I will have to bake more today! DARN!

  9. that looks so good.

  10. I would typically use Granny Smith for baking, but we had just been Apple picking so I used what we had in the house…a few mcintosh and a golden delicious and it worked great!

  11. The instructions on this page says that when you grate your 4 apples you’ll get 4 cups, but the page with the full recipe says 4 apples equals 2 grated cups?

  12. Thanks for the info on the spread. If I can’t find it I’ll try the Trader Joes one you mentioned. OR…if I can’t find either I might do a browned butter glaze. I’m always looking for excuses to make browned butter stuff.

  13. I have to make this soon! Thanks for sharing this, Shelly!

  14. I am in total love!!! Biscoff is my weakness! It is like Crack Coccaine!! I just can’t get enough! Love your recipe!

  15. You knocked this one out of the ball park girl!!! That drizzle is awesome looking!!! We just went and picked apples….guess what I’m making?!?!!

  16. Did you exchange the nuts for crushed Biscoff in both the bread and the streusel?

  17. I left the nuts out of the bread completely… but that was just a personal preference.

  18. As for the grated apples, that was just a typo… I fixed it! Yes, 2 cups. Thanks!

  19. Looks fantastic, as always, Shelly!

  20. I omitted nuts completely out of the bread…so I didn’t sub in anything for them!

  21. Me again….I just grabbed the Biscoff at Target today. How did I now know this existed? YUM!

  22. might be trying mini loaves of this for a bake sale at the town library next week… a couple for them and one for me :)

  23. Did you squeeze the juice out of the grated apples? My apples gave off almost a cup of juice!

  24. this looks fabulous! I am making it this weekend. My son hates nuts but loves Biscoff, so your substitution will be perfect!

  25. Would this recipe work with the apples thinly sliced instead of grated? I prefer bigger pieces of apples in my baked goods.

    I do not want to loose any of the streusel topping when I flip it out of the pan, so I am planning to butter my pan and line it with buttered parchment
    paper. Hopefully, the parchment paper will easily peel off of the cooled bread.

  26. I didn’t squeeze the juice from the apples… I followed BHG recipe pretty carefully.. I noticed that there isn’t a lot of liquid in the batter, and the juice from the apples balances that out.. I am sure if you squeezed them a little, if you found them too wet it would be fine!

  27. Made this last night. Super yummy, but it fell apart once when half of it stuck in my very-greased pan. I let it sit for 10 minutes in the pan, but I think it was still too warm to flip out easily. Then it fell apart again when I was trying to wrap it in plastic wrap. I think next time I’ll use parchment paper in the pan to avoid at least one break! Super yummy though, definitely plan on making it again!

  28. I must disagree with you just a little. Anything with Biscoff is mandatory, not optional. :D

  29. OMG I just happen to have apples need to use…must be destiny! LOL I’m wondering what can be substituted(if anything) for the Biscoff spread that you used in the ooey gooey yummy drizzle on top? I’ve heard of the Biscoff cookies but not the spread,nor do I know where to fine either. Is there a substitute since I have all other ingredients?
    Help me please, it would be. A CRIME to not drizzle this bread with such maddening yummyness! LOL

  30. As a substitute for Biscoff spread.. well there isn’t really one out there except “Cookie Butter” from Trader JOes.. but you could easily make a simple powdered sugar and milk glaze to pour over…

  31. I made this bread last night using 3 Cortland apples and one Mcintosh. It popped out of the loaf pan no problem without losing any of the streusel topping!

    I let it cool before wrapping it and putting in the refrigerator overnight since I wasn’t sure about leaving it out. It came out fantastic.

    I was worried that the liquid in the apples would ruin the bread but the balance is perfect; it’s moist and flavorful. I didn’t do heaping cups off apples which I think would have given the bread more of a fruity flavor so I’ll try that next time I make it (probably tonight).

    My coworkers are fighting over who gets a piece before it’s all gone!

  32. I skipped the streusel to save the calories (and mess at breakfast time) but made an apple cider glaze for the top once cooled (1 cup powdered sugar, 4 tsp apple cider). I also added 1 tsp of Cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of Nutmeg to the batter.

  33. OHMIGOSH — sounds wonderful! And I just happen to have some apples I need to use up… thanks for the recipe !!!

  34. Do you know if this could be make in a sugar free, or no sugar added version? It sounds so delicious as it is but I need to cut the sugar :(.

  35. I made this bread this past weekend…everyone loved it. I used 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 AP flour. Also, next time I make it, I’m going to add cinnamon to the batter. Apples without cinnamon just doesn’t work for me. Love your site!

  36. Sounds awesome!! Why does it sit overnight?

  37. It looks so yummy and I love your recipes! Gonna have to get some Mac’s this week!

  38. This sounds amazing! Def a must try but my question is I am in NJ I have never seen Biscoff spread. Can anyone tell be where I might find it? Thank you!

  39. For the glaze/ topping: Melt CARAMELS or use smuckers caramel sauce (like for ice cream)…. delicious that way…

  40. I’m making this with the Biscoff! I love Biscoff!

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