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Brown Sugar Ice-box Cookies

Since Halloween is around the corner, I’m jumping ahead and staying on track with retailers by thinking Christmas. Yes, Christmas—and my annual holiday cookie boxes for gifting. Yep, the box just got a new addition with these Brown Sugar Ice-box Cookies.

This is also a recipe featured in Better Homes and Gardens new book Baking, which I should mention is a must-have for any baker. It’s full of recipes that are modern classics with notes for twists, turns and adaptations to making some of them your own. Along with that, it also contains a great chapter on baking basics, tips for success and suggestions for a few quick short cuts.

This recipe is one of those highly adaptable ones that uses filberts in the recipes, but as suggested, any nuts will do. I used almonds, instead of filberts and I rimmed mine with sugar crystals rather than crushed nuts. And the only methodology I changed, if you can even call that, is instead of placing my rolled cookie dough log in a glass to keep its shape—I took my rolled dough log and stuffed it in a paper towel tube. I learned this trick a few years back and have since found it works beautifully and is a great way for freezing ice-box style cookie dough.

As for the taste, it’s nutty, with a subtle taste of caramel from the brown sugar and the texture is moist and crumbly like an ice-box cookie should be. The other thing I really like about it is, it’s the kind of cookie to hold-up well during shipping—another reason it is being added into the rotation for my annual holiday cookie box

7 Responses to “ Brown Sugar Ice-box Cookies ”

  1. I can practically taste these from here! Lovely!

  2. I’m really craving a cookie right now!! These look SO good! I love brown sugar and the subtle molasses-y note it has. So rich and dark!

  3. Those cookies look good! I have been wanting to try making icebox cookies for a while now!

  4. Absolutely stunning Naomi!

  5. Mmmmm. Perfect cookies ~ would LOVE for an afternoon snack :)

  6. As always, your pictures have me drooling and I can’t wait to check out this recipe as well as the Baking book- thanks for the tip!

  7. Gorgeous! If only I could grab this stack of cookies through my screen!

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