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Hot Cocoa Ghost Cake

Julie Blanner is the voice behind Coordinately Yours, a stylish lifestyle blog filled with do-it-yourself inspiration for effortless entertaining, home design and thoughtful gift-giving. As a seasoned event planner, her approach is warm and simple: entertaining and design that celebrates life.

best chocolate cake

I’m a fan of anything chocolate – and easy! I was looking for recipes I could make for Halloween and came across this hot cocoa brownie cake with marshmallow frosting recipe on BHG. It was quick, easy, and these little ghosts vanished nearly as quick as they appeared, making this a new family favorite recipe.

I chose a fudge brownie mix to give it a great, chewy base. Spray your pan well, lining it with parchment paper for easy removal.

baking tip: how to remove cake from pan easily

Confession: I don’t own a double boiler or a hand mixer. As much as I love baking, I’m a minimalist in the kitchen. To create a double boiler, just place a saucepan that fits well into a large pot of boiling water {water shouldn’t touch pan}. I warmed the marshmallow topping ingredients accordingly, transferring it to the metal bowl of my stand mixer {which kept them warm} and beat until stiff. To make this recipe a little more child friendly, I eliminated the coffee and liquor.

diy double broiler

I piped the marshmallow cream on to create ghosts with standard disposable icing bags. I didn’t worry about them being perfect – ghosts sway in the wind, right? I used store bought gel icing in a tube for the eyes. Next time I make this recipe {which will be sooner than later}, I will reduce the bake time for the ghosts to 4 minutes for a whiter appearance.

easy cake for Halloween

halloween dessert

This cake fits into my chic black and pink Halloween decor.

best chocolate cake recipe

Aren’t they adorable?

Halloween cake

piping ghosts on a cake

but definitely not too cute to eat!

marshmallow icing

Summer may be over, but toasted marshmallows and chocolate are here to stay!

38 Responses to “ Hot Cocoa Ghost Cake ”

  1. Super cute, and super easy.. Can’t wait to try it for my boys.

  2. Great idea!! Very cute!! And now I’m hungry!

  3. Elegant & Spooky at the same time! Love your creativity!

  4. Looks good. I will make some for my granddaughters!

  5. I love how easy and kid friendly this will be to make. Perfect for a Halloween party!

  6. Darling cake and delicious. Chocolate and marshmallow is my favorite combination, I can’t wait to try it!

  7. Too cute! I love this idea! I think I will try it on cupcakes to take to the girls’ Halloween school parties for the class treat!

  8. This looks amazing! A fun idea for me to do with my grandkids, they will love it.

  9. This I can do! Looks sweet and easy :)

  10. This just got me SOOOO excited for Halloween!!!! This is such a great recipe that is just as attractive to adults as it is to children! AND I’m so thankful you posted how you made it with your saucepans…because I, too, try to keep it simple in my cupboards…so it’s nice to know I don’t need to run out and buy a special pan to make this.

  11. I love it! Next time you need to invite me over. I love to eat ;)

  12. Julie you are so creative! What a cute idea for a fun Halloween treat! I think I will use this idea for treats at my school!

  13. Can’t wait to try this! Looks delicious and the perfect Halloween treat! Using pastry bags for the ghosts is genius!

  14. Looks amazing! I may try this for a little party we’re hosting on Saturday. Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Adorable! Can’t wait to make this for my kids!

  16. Julie Blanner! You have the best ideas. This cake is adorable for any age and party or just for the family! Looks so yummy! I can’t wait to try and make this. I love the Halloween decor and choosing pink to mix it up from orange! So chic!
    Thumbs up yet again!

  17. I am so excited to try this recipe with my family! Thank you for your tips on keeping it simple while still making a unique treat.

  18. This is just precious! A must try for my boys!

  19. A defendant try! Its just as cute as it looks!I can’t wait to taste out! Yummy

  20. I thin you mean double boiler, not double broiler, don’t you? What you’re describing is done in a double boiler. Broiling is done in the oven. (or u can also pan broil but it’s really sauteing).

  21. Where is the recipe?

  22. What a great idea. I will defiantly try this. Thanks for the tip on the double boiler, I don’t have one either!

  23. This is super cute, and looks delicious! I am all about things that are simple and easy, but still aesthetically appealing. I’m sure Dylan would love this as a Halloween treat! Thanks for another lovely (and totally doable) idea!!

  24. Thanks for sharing, Julie! I am going to make the adult version alongside an orange-colored after dinner drink :)

  25. Adorable! I love the simplicity. It looks delicious!!

  26. Very cute and looks yummy! Simple and delicious! I can’t wait to try it. My daughter will love helping make the ghost! Great idea Julie!

  27. I love the whimsy of this Halloween dessert. The presentation is so charming. I bet it tastes as sweet as it looks!

  28. Such an adorable idea! I love the chic Halloween look you have created. It inspires me to try this one at home!

  29. son maravillosas ,sus recetas,pueden mandar la receta del pastel de chocolate ,por favor

  30. What an adorable way to get in the spirit of Halloween fun! I definitely can’t wait to try this recipe, Julie. Thanks for sharing!

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