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Dark Chocolate Brownies

Heidi Larsen is the creator and chief dish washer of FoodieCrush, the online magazine and blog featuring food bloggers, their recipes and photography. In addition to creating content for her online magazine and blog, Heidi is a food photographer and stylist, recipe developer, digital ebook content creator and designer. Heidi lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, daughter and their three rescue mutts, all of whom share ample time in the kitchen and make occasional appearances on FoodieCrush.


When choosing what recipe to recreate for this post, I put my hardest working 9 year old sous chef to the task of deciding which one of the plethora of recipes BHG features to make our own.



Dark Chocolate Brownies | FoodieCrush

It was pretty much a given it would be sweet. And there were no dilemmas on deciding whether our target would be a cookie, cake or candy.

She had it all figured out from the get go and headed straight to the brownie category.

Dark Chocolate Brownies |  FoodieCrush

Dark Chocolate Brownies | FoodieCrush

Chocolate was in order. No objections here, the girl obviously born with my DNA.

But the rest of the search made for some hard decision making, with plenty of “Oh mama, look at this one,” and “Oooo, that one looks good too.” With add-ins of cheesecake, layers of caramel and cookie crusts and even cabernet and chipotle, the selection had us flipping through recipes like Shawn Johnson in an Olympic gymnastics floor routine.

We toyed with the idea of a more ingredient heavy recipe, but my girl wasn’t swayed by the flirtation of extra fillers. She had her eye on the prize, and that was a basic, solid, Dark Chocolate Brownies.

And so, that’s what we made.

Dark Chocolate Brownies | FoodieCrush

Dark Chocolate Brownies | FoodieCrush

We didn’t alter the recipe much, if at all. Thankfully so, because what resulted was the brownie I’ve been searching for since tasting a similar version at a friend’s wedding shower over 10 years ago. It’s densely rich, chocolate flavor is like the famous Fat Witch brownies I’ve devoured in New York’s Chelsea Market.

With no extra pretzel chunks, marbled pumpkin or frosting to compete with, this decadent Dark Chocolate Brownie made all of my girl’s— and her mother’s—dark chocolate wishes come true.

Dark Chocolate Brownies | FoodieCrush


3 Responses to “ Dark Chocolate Brownies ”

  1. Oh man, these brownies look fabulous! I love Heidi and her 9 year old sous chef, Smudge! :) Love this!

  2. Pinned these “babies” immediately.
    Great job Heidi !

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