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Pumpkin Brownies

It’s happened. I’ve officially started fall baking. After the first of September, I think it’s fair game. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for cooking and baking. And when it comes to fall flavors, pumpkin is an obvious choice . So when I saw this recipe for Chocolate-Pumpkin Brownies, I knew I had to give them a try. The combination of the two sounded like a major flavor win!

I must admit that I totally cheated while baking up this deliciousness. The recipe gives instructions for making brownies from scratch. I used a box mix. To be honest, I kind of love brownie mix. Plus, it makes whipping up a dessert so easy. I also omitted the walnuts for my version. I’m just not a fan of them in my brownies.

I also lined my pan with aluminum foil. I never did this until recently, but it makes the brownies so easy to remove and cut. Another plus – clean up is a breeze!

I absolutely love this recipe for so many reasons. First, my entire house smelled fabulous throughout the baking process. Second, the flavor combination is fantastic. Third, the pumpkin cream cheese mixture added an incredible amount of moistness to the brownies.

So if you are looking for a quick and easy fall-inspired dessert, give this a try. You can find the full recipe here. Have you started your fall baking yet? What’s your favorite autumn treat?

19 Responses to “ Pumpkin Brownies ”

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning, Michael! These are going on my list for October!

  2. Hey I was curious even though you used brownie mix was the cook time still the same as original recipe?

  3. Love your blog. You are incredibly talented.
    Could you please tell me the steps using the brownie mix?
    Is the only addition cream cheese and pumpkin?
    And whatever the mix calls for?
    Thanks, I am not a baker but I love the mix substitute.
    Big fan of yours from
    Toronto. Do you ever get north of the border?

  4. What size mix did you use?

  5. I really like your version it sounds so much easier, would you mind posting your version? I read the other version and wasn’t sure what to eliminate. Thank you


  6. I would love to try the recipe you used, but I’m not sure what should or shouldn’t be omitted when using a box brownie mix. Could you clarify that more please?

  7. This looks like a delicious mix between the pumpkin and chocolate. I love brownies so this a lovely spin on things.
    My favorite autumn treat is pumpkin pie cheesecake. It is very delish!

  8. I hate brownie mixes…geez. I will make this with my best brownie HOMEMADE ( so much healthier, and so much tastier) recipe. Looks like it will be incredible!!!

  9. This article would be more worthwhile had it posted the revamped recipe using the brownie mix, otherwise it’s not very useful to the reader.

  10. Okay, so I think I figured it out just in case anyone checks back… keep steps 1 and 2. (Step 2 is making the pumpkin goop that goes on top of the brownies, so follow all of the directions and use the ingredients listed in this step).

    Omit steps 3 and 4, this is where you make the brownies from scratch. If you want to use a box mix instead, this is where you’ll do it. Prepare the brownies by the instructions on the box, using water, egg, and oil that it requires. Then pour this into the pan.

    Resume at step 5 through 6, where you pour the goop onto the brownies and stir it around a little. That should work!

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