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Italian Pesto Pasta Salad

While this summer is quickly coming to an end, I’m doing all I can to hang on to every last day. I’m also trying to still squeeze in as many of my favorite summertime foods as possible. A quintessential dish for this time of year is pasta salad. I’m a huge fan of the classic, but I also like to mix things up a bit and try something new.

BHG has a fabulous collection of Tasty Pasta Salads. As I was scrolling through, I was immediately attracted to this Italian Pesto Pasta Salad. Although my heritage is German and Irish, I enjoy lots of Italian foods. Maybe I lived in Italy in a previous life? Anyway, this was the dish I wanted to try.

With toasted basil pesto, spicy arugula, pine nuts, and cheese, I knew this would be a winner! I also wanted to give it a little twist of my own, so I added some sun-dried tomatoes for even more flavor.

This dish can be made in under thirty minutes. Because I had store-bought pesto, I was able to pull everything together while the pasta was cooking. Speaking of pasta, I used cavatappi, instead of elbow macaroni. I’m obsessed with these spiral noodles. With all of their nooks and crannies, they do such a great job of holding onto flavor. For the sun-dried tomatoes, I used the oil-packed and julienned kind. I drained them along with the cannelloni beans. After they were drained, I let them rest on a towel to further eliminate moisture.

Once the pasta was cooked and cooled, everything went into a bowl, starting with the pesto sauce and ending with the arugula. I used a vegetable peeler to slice in small strips of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Toasted pine nuts finish the dish with a perfect little crunch.

If you love Italian food as much as I do, you need to give this tasty pasta salad a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

As I mentioned above, I followed BHG’s recipe for Italian Pesto Pasta Salad. You can find the recipe here. To that, I added one 8.5-ounce jar of oil-packed, julienned sun-dried tomatoes, drained. I also substituted cavatappi for elbow macaroni.

Now get out there and enjoy these last days of summer! And let us know what some of your favorite summer foods are.

Michael Wurm, Jr – Inspired by Charm

8 Responses to “ Italian Pesto Pasta Salad ”

  1. Michael, i just wanted to take a moment & say how much I am inspired by you!
    Your posts always set my creative mind ablaze with SO many thingz I want to do!!! Thank you! I may not get them all done…but, I LOVE the kick in the pants! Keep on blogging… I know I am not the only one SO INSPIRED by everything you do!

  2. Store bought pesto? Really? That stuff is pretty yucky!

  3. Just had to say hello because I’m German and Irish too–great combination, but I don’t often see that heritage. I found this recipe when I clicked on a post on Facebook from Better Homes and Gardens. I’m going to try this dish. Thanks.

  4. Really want to try this recipe…bought all the ingredients but couldn’t find the actual recipe. When I click on the link it just brings me back to this page. Help!

  5. I’ve been making this salad for years, it is my absolute favorite! Home made pesto is very quick & easy & worth the extra effort though! If you want your pesto to have a mellow taste, try using roasted garlic instead of raw. In addition to the sun dried tomatoes, calamata olives and/or artichoke hearts are a great (tasty) addition. Also, slivered almonds make an inexpensive substitute for pine nuts in the pesto. Happy Labor Day!

  6. Your post look yummy & delicious, I must try it. Thank you.Recipes.

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