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Cherry Tomato Pie

Hi! I’m Angie McGowan from Eclectic Recipes and I’m so happy to guest posting today! I’ve been blogging since 2009 about the recipes we love to make in our family. I’ve been able to share recipes on my blog that have been passed down in our family, recipes I’ve learned from dear friends and things I’ve developed on my own along the way. The memories created around the dinner table while we enjoy good food with our friends and family are such an important part of lives. You can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

One of my favorite recipes from my family is a tomato pie. It’s a summer essential that uses the ripest summer tomatoes baked into a savory cheesy pie. I usually make it the same way, layered with sweet vidalia onions and lots of cheese and mayonnaise. It’s not exactly low fat, but as a once in a while treat, it’s definitely worth it. However, when I saw this version of tomato pie made with cherry tomatoes on the Better Homes and Gardens website, I knew I must make it as soon as possible!

One of the problems I’ve always had with a traditional tomato pie, is that even when you use a variety of tomatoes that are low moisture, and squeeze and strain as much moisture out of them as possible, the pie can still be a bit soggy, even though it tastes amazing. Well, this recipe solves the soggy tomato pie dilemma by placing the cheese on the bottom instead of the top. This allows the tomatoes to dry out even more and it makes a much cuter pie too!

To start this recipe, I used 2 refrigerated pie crusts that I rolled together. Doing this creates just the kind of sturdy pie crust you need for this hearty tomato pie. You then you pre-bake the pie crust to keep it crisp.

While the pie crust is baking, you crisp up some bacon and sauté some onions. Then you make the savory, cheesy filling which is a combination of cream cheese, mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, egg and lemon zest.

When I made this recipe, I used a combination of sweet red and yellow sweet cherry tomatoes, instead of just red tomatoes as the recipe states. This makes the pie a bit more colorful and fun. I halved the tomatoes, added fresh basil, some crisp bacon and a little salt and pepper to the tomatoes before placing them on top of the pie.

The pie takes about 35 minutes to bake, and then at least an hour to cool and set up. The waiting for the pie to cool is the worst part because it smells so amazing! The combination of sweet roasted cheesy tomatoes, basil and Parmasan is just to die for.

But it’s worth the wait. After the pie cools, garnish witih either some fresh lettuce as in the recipe, or a large sprig of fresh basil as I’ve done here. Either way, you won’t be dissapointed. Serve this pie with a simple salad (we really love Caesar salad with this pie)  and have a simple summer dinner with friends and family.

This recipe was such a huge hit with my family, everyone raved about it. I can’t wait to make it again next week. It’s definitely a recipe we’ll cherish in our family for many years to come.

For the full recipe, visit Cherry Tomato Pie.

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