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Frosting an Ombre Cake!



Hi! I’m Courtney Whitmore from! My site is devoted to all things entertaining from tablescapes to the party food! I’m also the author of Push-Up Pops, Candy Making for Kids, and Frostings. I’m super excited to share one of my favorite frosting techniques with the Delish Dish readers.



How to Frost an Ombre Cake

I used this buttercream frosting recipe which is the perfect consistency for creating an ombre look to your cake. The technique is easy and looks quite fancy when finished so it’s perfect for birthdays, showers, and other special celebration cakes! You’ll see the ombre look in my Frostings book which I’m super excited to give away to some lucky readers below!

Here are the steps to create this beautiful ombre frosting technique. First up, you will need a batch of buttercream frosting divided evenly into 3 bowls. Next, you will need your choice of color (I used Wilton’s Gel Color in Aqua), toothpicks, offset spatula, and of course – your cake! I used a vanilla pound cake. Frosting cake that is chilled or frozen is best because it helps avoid excess crumbs mixing into your frosting.

Frosting an ombre cake!

Here I have my unfrosted cake. I have 2 layers (taller cakes work best for an ombre technique). I have placed the cakes on small strips of wax paper so that I can avoid messing up my white cake stand. They can be gently removed when I’m finished.

Frosting an ombre cake!

With my buttercream frosting, I frost the top of one of the layers. Then top that with the second cake layer. You can certainly make additional layers if you would like! The frosting color you choose for the inside is purely a matter of choice. I chose white here.

Applying a crumb coat to a cake.

The next step is a crumb coat! This thin coat of frosting helps seal in crumbs so they don’t come loose as you frost your cake. White is the best choice for your crumb coat since the top of your cake will ultimately be white for the ombre technique. A thin layer is fine and it doesn’t have to be perfectly covered.

How to frost an ombre cake

With your frosting divided into three bowls, use a toothpick and your coloring (I recommend a gel food coloring) to create 2 shades and leave the last white. You can absolutely create additional shades of your color if you would like but at least 3 is necessary. Here I have a darker aqua, light aqua, and white. The colors create a really pretty ocean-like watercolor look to the cake.

How to frost an ombre cake!

Using your offset spatula, apply the darker color shade to the bottom of your cake. Because I have 3 colors, I apply the darker shade to the bottom third of the cake. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth here. Next, use your lighter shade to apply to the middle third of the cake in the same manner.

How to frost an ombre cake!

For the top third of the cake and the very top of the cake, use your white frosting to smooth over the crumb coat. Use your offset spatula to gently smooth between the shades of frosting. TIP: Dip your spatula in warm water and gently wipe off excess water before smoothing. You can also use cake decorating comb to create thin lines or other patterns on the frosting.  For a more natural look, do not worry about perfectly smoothing down each frosting swirl. Lastly, gently pull out your strips of wax paper.

Frosting an ombre cake

There you have it! It’s really simple and oh so pretty. I hope you’ll enjoy this frosting technique for an upcoming special celebration!


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Note: This contest has ended. 

Our winners for the blog comments were Alaina who said “I love frosting layer cakes. Then of course cupcakes.” and Amy who said “Definitely cupcakes!” See our Twitter winners here

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