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Dulce De Leche Fluff Brownies

Hi everyone! I’m Carrian and I’ve been writing the blog, Sweet Basil for over 5 years to inspire readers everywhere to reinvent family dinner. There’s something wonderful about walking into a home and having a burst of delicious aromas fill your nostrils. It just feels good, and it tastes even better.  Recipes with a story behind them, or ones that have been passed down through generations are even better and should be discovered, cherished and passed on. We want you to join us around our dinner table where recipes come with stories of the past and present and everyone leaves full and happy. 


We talk about cooking with your children all the time on our blog, but we are fully aware that it does in fact make things take a little longer. The other day our oldest wanted to bake and after I found this over-the-top delicious recipe for Dulce de Leche Fluff brownies which might just be even better eaten with dulce de leche ice cream. I mentioned that she should throw on a movie while we cooked. For one it would be like a little dessert and movie party and for two I knew it would help entertain her while I got things moving on the recipe. She was searching and found an old VHS which she read out loud, “Please be kind and remember to rewind”, which she then asked me, “What’s rewind mean?” Oh gosh, it’s official, I am old.

I couldn’t help but immediately think that the thought of rewinding movies again sounded awful.  I kind of laughed to myself as I remembered a string bean 11 year old version of myself writing a report on “compact Discs” using the encyclopedia. Anyway, I got back to the matter at hand, brownies. I had her read me the recipe once over so we knew what all we needed and when I realized that we would be heating the chocolate in a pan I thought, ugh I’ll just let it cool a little more and use a bigger pot so we can mix everything in the pot and they can be a one pot wonder brownies because no one wants to clean multiple dishes!

So, we started the Dulce de Leche Brownies by melting the chocolate and butter in a large sauce pan over low heat. Low and slow, folks, low and slow to create a smooth and shiny chocolate. Then we pulled the pot off of the heat and let it cool for a few minutes before moving on to our next step. We love that this recipe uses real chocolate and melts it all down first. It provides a better flavor and texture to your brownies. So worth it.

Isn’t the chocolate just silky and beautiful? Gosh, if it was sweetened I would have been so tempted to stick a strawberry in it. Anyway, we then added the sugar and then the eggs one by one. Please, don’t rush ahead and dump them all in. It truly will be harder to incorporate the eggs into the chocolate. Then the vanilla and finally we added the flour, but placed the baking soda on top and lightly stirred just the flour mixture together to help the baking soda filter through before we folded the flour into the chocolate. You do need to be a little careful, but it’s quite easy.


Next you dump in the chocolate chips, we used milk chocolate versus semi sweet because we knew it was already going to be a semi sweet, rich brownie, so why not? Now just line your pan with foil, spray with nonstick spray and pour in the batter. Bake these darlings at 350 for 20-25 minutes and remove the pan (not just the brownies and foil) to a wire rack.

Dollop the jar of marshmallow fluff and dulce de leche (yes, I may have “accidentally” gotten my finger in the can of dulce de leche and I just had to eat it because, well because I “do got time for that!”) and allow it to melt all over the hot brownies. Using a knife, swirl the marshmallow fluff and dulce de leche (remember how popular swirled desserts used to be? Swirled caramel chocolate cake, swirled cream cheese brownies, etc…)and then top with nuts like the recipe calls for.

Or let your kids decide. They will feel so special that you trust them and they get to be creative (sometimes I offer 4-5 ideas so things don’t turn weird). Ours chose Oreos instead so that’s what we did.

We absolutely loved these brownies. They are crazy delicious, super rich, and so fun for the kids to help out with since it includes ingredients they find fun and exciting. You may want to keep a glass of milk on hand to help wash it all down, because these really do have so much going on, but trust me you’ll have a hard time saying no to a second piece.

Thanks everyone! Come say hi anytime! Sweet Basil

Find the recipe Here. 

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