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Berry Fruit Pie

If you are anything like me when it comes to pies, then you like a lot of pie crust to every bite. Sure you can make a double-crusted pie. Or you can make minis and hand-pies like the ones seen in the picture–a sure guarantee that every bite will be crust-filled. To get started, I used this Berry Fruit Pie recipe.


You’ll love the crust recipe. It’s incredibly easy to make and since it uses shortening it doesn’t require any chill time before rolling. For those of you who may have a shortening aversion, you can swap that portion out with chilled butter – either half that ratio or you can go full butter. Either will work. If you go with full butter, I would suggest chilling the dough for at least 1-2 hours before rolling for easy handling, otherwise it’s a bit sticky.


As for the filling (click here), it’s pretty adaptable as well. I skipped the lemon in mine because my berries were on the tart side. Along with that, I added cinnamon as the recipe suggested and some sugar to balance out the tart berries.   Finally, if you want to skip all of the mini and hand-pie making, stick to the recipe as is. Either way you will love this recipe.

21 Responses to “ Berry Fruit Pie ”

  1. Love how you intertwined the blueberries and the dough. Nice work!

  2. these are the cutest pies ever!!

  3. Absolute perfection, Naomi. It is full on berry season here and I’m ready to get my pie on. ;)

  4. totally digging these cute pies

  5. Such pretty little pies!

  6. I’m intrigued by the tarts in the cupcake liners. Did you make them in the liners? Are they paper or silicone?

  7. Perfect pies, Naomi!! They look gorgeous (and tasty!)

  8. “. . . intertwined the blueberries and the dough. . . . ” ?

    Where was that part of the recipes . . . ?

    All I found was a separate recipe for pastry and a separate recipe for berry pie.


  9. Did I miss the hand-pie part of the instructions? Serves me right for thinking anyone at Buzzfeed actually read what they were linking to.

  10. What a mess of a recipe!! So disorganized. Just put it all on one page and don’t make me go searching links and trying to figure out how it all goes together. NEXT!

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