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Spinach, Grapes, and Bacon

Let’s talk about my latest salad obsession, shall we? Spinach, Grapes and BaconIt’s a salad made with, you guessed it, spinach, grapes, and bacon, but despite it’s simplicity, the dish absolutely sings with flavor!

Baby spinach is tossed with crispy grapes and a tangy-sweet pan dressing made from the drippings of crunchy bacon that’s crumbled on top. Finished with smoked cheese shavings, this salad is delicious enough to enjoy during a quiet night at home, but elegant and exceptional enough to serve as the first course at your next dinner party. Grapes, bacon, and smoked cheese – who could be mad at that?!

Start by getting some bacon sizzlin’ in a skillet. I used my favorite cast iron skillet, but any heavy-bottomed skillet will do just fine. I like to cook my bacon over medium heat – no more no less – which slowly renders out the bacon fat resulting in perfectly crispy bacon every time.

While the bacon’s sizzling away, slice a bunch of fresh red grapes in half. Wash more than you need as you’ll find yourself snacking more than slicing. Is there anything more poppable than sweet, red grapes?

Combine the grapes with baby spinach.

Finally, remove the bacon from the skillet then add red wine vinegar, brown sugar, salt, and pepper to the drippings and quickly whisk to combine. Add to the spinach and grapes then toss to coat.

Finally, shave smoked Gruyere cheese on top. I am next level obsessed with smoked gruyere and pretty much find any and all possible reasons to keep it in my house.

The creamy, smoky cheese is absolutely divine when paired with the salty bacon and sweet grapes.

Pile the salad onto plates then top with the shaved cheese. Grab a fork, and your appetite, and enjoy!

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  1. he creamy, smoky cheese is absolutely divine when paired with the salty bacon and sweet grapes.

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