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Summer Garden Pizza

Up until a few years ago I had barely ventured beyond tossing tried and true foods like chicken, brats, burgers, and the occasional halved stone fruit on the grill. Since then I’m happy to report that I’ve broadened my grilling horizons and branched out to tossing goodies like avocados, fruit cobbler and, yes, even pizza on the sizzling surface.

That’s right - grilled pizza is not only possible but truly delicious! I followed BHG’s recipe for Summer Garden Pizza for my latest grilled pizza creation which starts with pizza crust lightly grilled then topped with a variety of summer veggies including sweet corn, tomatoes, basil, red onion, and torn baby spinach. Studded with melty chevre and parmesan cheese, this fresh and summery meal will wow your friends and family.

Plus it’s fun to get them involved in making ‘em, since everyone can pick out their own toppings!

Start with the pizza crust. You can follow BHG’s recipe or take some help from the store and use a tube of ready-made pizza crust. I won’t tell!

Unroll the tube and slice into 4 rectangles then liberally brush one side with extra virgin olive oil. This will ensure that the crust doesn’t stick to the grill.

Place the crusts oiled-side down over low-heat then grill until the bottom is golden brown, 3-4 minutes. If you have hot spots on your grill (the front of mine gets hotter than the back, for instance) use tongs to rotate the crusts so they brown evenly. Brush the tops of the crusts with more extra virgin olive oil then remove and place on an upside down baking sheet, grilled side up.

Next, pile high with fresh and yummy toppings. Brush the grilled side with a bit more extra virgin olive oil then sprinkle on chopped garlic and shaved or grated parmesan cheese.

Like I said – this recipe is very flexible in terms of toppings, so use whatever you’ve picked up at the farmers’ market or from your garden.

I used fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, red onion, baby spinach, and then dotted the top with tangy chevre. Fresh mozzarella would also be divine.

Place the pizzas back onto the grill over low heat then grill with the lid down until the second side is golden brown, 2-3 more minutes. Remove, slice, then enjoy!

Click here for the Summer Garden Pizza recipe > 

Note: I used store-bought pizza crust, omitted the tomato sauce, and used garden veggies I had on hand!

2 Responses to “ Summer Garden Pizza ”

  1. This looks delicious! Love all of Kristin’s recipes!

  2. Yum! A great idea for those ot summer nights! Healthy and tasty!

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