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Lavender-Honey Cupcakes

It finally happened, I succumbed to working with dried lavender. I’m not a lavender fan by any stretch, in any form. But I don’t have to be to work with it.

In fact, often times, if I don’t like something I’ll keep working with it until I can find a way to make it work to my liking. It isn’t always successful, but in the case of these Lavender-Honey Cupcakes—it was.

For the first run, I stayed true to the recipe. With that, the lavender flavor was just slightly stronger than I preferred. So in the second run, I omitted the lavender in the batter and instead used this honey lavender. Perfection. The flavor was lighter, and for my own cupcakes, I added vanilla beans to the frosting to balance out the dried lavender sprinkling with a more mellow flavoring.

As for the rest of the testing crew, aka, neighbors and friends, they preferred the original recipe for its full-strength lavender flavor. Like I said, I don’t have to like it, so long as those I’m serving it to are happily satisfied, that’s what matters. Get the recipe for Lavendar-Honey Cupcakes.



13 Responses to “ Lavender-Honey Cupcakes ”

  1. these are like gorgeous vanilla lavender flowers! Just beautiful!

  2. Just beautiful, Naomi. We have a huge lavender farm near our place and they make the most exquisite items! Now I’m hankering for a visit.

  3. SPLENDID these cupcakes are!

  4. These look amazing. One of my favorite flavor combinations!!

  5. Not only are they sooo pretty but they look super moist and the frosting so fluffy! I love these, Naomi!

  6. These cupcakes are so pretty! Love the flavors combination, Naomi!

  7. I haave some dried lavender in the pantry and these will be next

  8. Love this idea!

  9. Not all Lavenders are edible, says our local nursery owner.
    The French Lavenders are, Provence, for instance.
    I have seen it in the spice section at Safeway in Canada…if you want to be certain.

  10. That’s great that everyone loves the pretty pictures…but has anyone actually MADE and TASTED these?

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