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Fresh Cookbook Giveaway!

All this week, we’ve been featuring a sneak peek at the recipes featured in Fresh the newest cookbook from Better Homes and Gardens. If you like shopping for seasonal produce and the taste of ripe, in-season ingredients, then you’ll love the colorful, fruit and veggie-packed recipes from Fresh.

Today is your lucky day, because we’re giving away 5 Fresh cookbooks!  

Note: This Sweepstakes Has Ended. 

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us which fresh fruit or vegetable you like cooking with the most! For another opportunity to win, connect with us on Twitter and re-tweet the giveaway announcement tweet marked with the hashtag #BHGFresh.  We’ll conduct a random drawing from the entries received to select a winner.   See the official contest rules here.


77 Responses to “ Fresh Cookbook Giveaway! ”

  1. While I love to cook with fresh zucchini, or asparagus, or simply potatoes, probably the most versatile fresh food is the tomato! Wow, you can use it so many ways, and in so many dishes. Whatever ingredients you choose, fresh is always best!

  2. Asparagus!

  3. I love fresh spinach. So many great ways to use spinach in recipes. Fresh Spinach salads, omeletes, stuffed spinach wraps, and also soups.It is very healthy besides being so tasty.

  4. Red Bell Pepper! I find this veggie easy to incorporate in a variety of dishes from sauces and salads to even ice cream!

  5. I love to cook with fresh green beans and tomatoes! There is so much you can do with both of these!

  6. Potatoes

  7. I love cooking with fresh tomatoes. They are so juicy and versatile.

  8. My favorite vegetable is asparagus. We eat it fresh with other crudites and on salads. I often add it to mac and cheese, and Italian casseroles. We steam it as a side dish and sprinkle with lemon or orange zest.

  9. i cook with bell peppers (yellow, red and green) almost every single meal. they are my favorite vegetables!

  10. Tomatoes!! They go with everything!!

  11. I love to cook with fresh carrots!

  12. My go to is good ole green beans..

  13. There are soooo many I love to cook with – rhubarb, fresh berries, tomatoes, green beans, onions, potatoes… I don’t think I could pick just one!

  14. Bell peppers and summer squash.

  15. We love Baked potagoes and 2nd I I cook carrots , potatoes , and onions in water with 1 or 2 Beef Boullian cube yasye like you put them in with a toast, I love veggies and also 3 of us like baked cherry tomatoes, zucchinis chunks or anything in ref and ,mix with cooked rice

  16. Lately, my go-to fresh veggie is kale!

  17. Tomatoes and cucumbers

  18. How about some green beans? Love them. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, melons, oranges, apples to name a few. The more the merrier ! !

  19. Red Bell Peppers,

  20. I love cooking with broccoli…It is so versatile..I use it in pasta and as a side dish as well as a main entree

  21. Pineapple! Especially grilled, with chocolate balsamic vinegar is my favorite.

  22. zucchini is my favourite but I like all fruit and vegetables.

  23. I love cooking with zucchini!

  24. Kale – it is great in smoothies, stir fries and baked in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

  25. Butternut squash is my favorite

  26. pineapple

  27. Summer zucchini is the best! We go to our local farmer’s market when it is in season. Fantastic with Greek yogurt.

  28. I love fresh beets from the market. They are good roasted, boiled and in a sweet and sour sauce. Yummmm

  29. tomatoes.. by the far the best and most versatile fresh “fruit” you could ever cook with!

  30. I love cooking with tomatoes!. So many ways that you can use them in dishes and they add an extra zing to just about everything!

  31. It is a toss up between asparagus and sweet potatotes. I could eat either/both every day and never tire of them.

  32. For sure I love tomatoes, spinach and a rainbow of peppers, but give me some fresh, sweet summer corn, mmm mmmm mmmm! Now that’s Delish!

  33. I love using tomatoes, either cooked or fresh, in many dishes!

  34. Tomatoes and green beens. tomato is my favorite vegetable and I love finding new ways to use it

  35. zucchini

  36. Tomatoes!! In or on everything!!! They have a very special flavor in the summer!!

  37. My favorite vegetable: Vidalia Onions
    Fruit: Tomato

    they work together in almost any dish or apart giving us great choices for recipes

  38. I love to cook with Tomatoes and also Corn as there are so many options with them both. Corn can be alone, with stirfry, soups, salads. Tomatoes have too many options to list :)

  39. I just love Red Peppers.

  40. Summer tomatoes are my first love! Asparagus,green beans, zucchini and peppers also! My favorite summer fruits…blueberries and peaches! Summer is my favorite cooking season!

  41. There are so many fresh and yummy things to cook with from farmers market! From all that produce I really love to cook with peaches (pizza, ice cream, salads, and jams), and tomatoes (pizza, sauces, salads, sliced on a platter). Yummy!

  42. Nothing beats a great sauce made with fresh, home-grown garden Jersey tomatos!!!

  43. Tomatoes!!! I cannot wait until mine are ready!!!

  44. Red peppers! Yum!

  45. Broccoli! I can’t seem to get enough this summer. It takes so good!

  46. Asparagus, it goes with everything!

  47. I love fresh herbs! I love having a variety of them growing outside my door and being able to go out and cut them for all my favorite summer recipes.

  48. Onions. You can spice up some other dish or make a side out of them.

  49. onion – so many kinds and so useful!!

  50. I love cooking with Chayote its great in just about any dish that calls for zuchini

  51. Broccoli is a family favorite in our house, from stir-fries to casseroles and even cold fresh salads of rice or pasta on a hot summers day, it’s so versatile and let’s not forget all the wonderful health benefits for both my growing kids and for us as aging parents wanting to stay as young as possible for as long as possible.

  52. Corn is the best, especially during summer.

  53. let’s say eggplant today

  54. I love all fresh fruit and veggies but I guess the on I use the most would be tomatoes

  55. Zucchini is my go to veggie in the summer! It’s so fresh and versatile and it stands up well to the heat, especially on the grill… my personal favorite way to cook it! :)

  56. I love cooking with fresh broccoli and asparagus they can be used in many dishes and are great just alone. They are the two favorites of our entire family of six!!

  57. I love cooking with Zucchini. It’s great for sauteeing, grilling, spiralizing, baking. It can be sweet as in zucchini bread or savory in as in lasagna (in place of noodles). Very verstile.

  58. Banana

  59. I love cooking with fresh string beans and spinach! They’re so versatile.

  60. I love greens of all kinds!

  61. Zucchini and bell peppers!

  62. I love to cook with fresh spinach. It is the perfect healthy addition to mac’n cheese, pizza, spaghetti, and so much more! It is always delicious, especially when it is fresh from the garden!

  63. Red potatoes and yellow squash

  64. On a Kale kick lately! Also using Arugula & Spinach.

  65. Loving Kale, Spinach & Arugula lately!

  66. I love to cook with so many fresh vegetables – it’s hard to pick just one, but if I have to … spinach.

    No, zucchini. No, its red peppers. No, asparagus…this question is too difficult to answer.

  67. Fresh tomatoes. Nothing beats a summer time marinara sauce. Except maybe a fresh guacamole. :)

  68. I love using ALL of the fresh herbs from my herb garden. I think I could’ve eat handfuls of cilantro!

  69. Red Capsicum toss in a salad, perfect for hamburgers or lunch, a stir fry or stroganoff, is the one I use the most

  70. zucchini!

  71. Fresh asparagus is my favorite vegetable as it can be used for such a variety of cuisines and recipes.

  72. That’s hard! It would have to be tomatoes first with zucchini close behind.

  73. Beans of all varieties are so versatile and pretty and delicious. Followed by every variety of pepper, sweet, hot, spicey or mild. And never over-look the hardest working vegetable in show business,onions!

  74. I love to cook with all types of fresh fruit, especially peaches and berries. They make wonderful low-fat options for refreshingly, light summer deserts.

  75. I love cooking with peaches. They go great on a salad with savory ingredients (like nuts and goat cheese) and they are also delicious grilled with meat!

  76. Peaches!

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