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Fresh Corn Salad

Last month I shared a great grilling main with you here on Delish Dish – Chilean Style Hot Dogs with Avocado Chili Relish (remember, it’s easier than it sounds!) – so I thought I’d circle back and post a light and fresh side dish that would be great to go with: Fresh Corn Salad.

Fresh corn cut from the cob tossed with cherry tomatoes, red onion, leafy greens, cucumber, jalapeno, fresh herbs, and a tangy-sweet dressing is yummy cold or room temperature, and is a dazzling dish to make or take to a cook out. Perfect for summer too, when home gardens and farmers’ markets are bursting with the best produce!

Make the salad dressing first by shaking 1/2 cup cider vinegar with 1/4 cup sugar, salt, and pepper in a jar, or whisking together in a bowl. This vinegar/sugar combo acts as a quick pickling dressing and gives the fresh veggies a snappy, tangy-sweet flavor. Set the dressing aside then get to chopping the rest of the salad ingredients.

Let’s see, what do we have here…

4 ears of of corn cut from the cob, 1/2 cup each red onion and seeded cucumber, 1 cup halved cherry tomatoes (or 1/2 cup each cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper,) 1 Tablespoon chopped jalapeno, 3 Tablespoons chopped parsley, and 1 Tablespoon chopped basil.

Psst! The easiest way I know how to de-seed a cucumber is to slice it in half lengthwise then scrape out the seeds with a spoon. Muss and fuss free!

Once all the veggies are chopped and ready, add the dressing and toss, then add 1-2 cups arugula or baby spinach and toss again to combine.  

Serve right away, or if you’re heading out to a picnic or BBQ, save the dressing to add just before service. I hope you love this easy, summery side!

Click here for the Fresh Corn Salad recipe >

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  1. good

  2. Hi Kristin
    my name is Samira and I live in Iran
    i can not speak English very well but i went say to you that i like yore salads

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