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Strawberry Truffle Pie

Let’s talk pie. One bite and you will see why this is called a Strawberry Truffle Pie. The chocolate is rich and smooth, a perfect background to the seasons perfectly ripened strawberries. And as you can see the only tweak I made to there recipe was to add some whipped cream—moderation and I have yet to meet, so I figured why not.

Of course if strawberries are not in season for your area, this pie is highly adaptable and will work with most fruit. That’s the thing with pies, they’re pretty fluid and can be paired well with almost any flavor, same thing with chocolate. So have fun mix, match and pair to your preference. 

And of course you can use store bought pie crust, but why – when this one is so easy. Or if you need to cut the prep down further just use a graham cracker crust. Whatever way you go, you won’t be sorry. Click here to get started with the recipe.


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  1. I don’t have a WS but i would love the recipes!

  2. How do I get the recipe?

  3. Sorry didn’t read down What was under the picture,

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