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Lemon Macarons with Blackberry-Mascarpone Filling

Now I know many of you are looking at this and probably thinking—cute, but macarons are not for me. Well yes they are, because these cookies don’t deserve all the fuss they’ve been given. If this is going to be your first time making macarons, don’t sweat it–an imperfect batch of macaron is still a good tasting batch of macarons and one batch closer to being the right batch of macarons.

This Lemon Macaron recipe is written with volume measurements, so you won’t even need a scale.  Just remember to spoon the ingredients into your measuring cups and level it off, rather than using the scoop-and-level method. Along with that, here are a few more handy tips after you combine the wet and dry ingredients:

(1) Give the mixture a hardy 20-25 folds while smashing it against the side of the bowl with the folding spatula. Don’t worry about being gentle the idea is to knock the air out of it.

(2) A visual readiness is when the batter can hold its shape when spooned on itself and then start to slowly flatten out after about 15-20 seconds.

(3) If the macarons are cracking, place a second bake sheet directly underneath the one containing the macarons to diffuse the heat.

(4) Finally if the macarons are missing the feet, mostly likely you’ve over mixed.

Here are two minor tweaks I made to the recipe:

  • The finish – I added a simple glaze (1/4 cup powder sugar and 2 tablespoons water combined) and then sprinkled some rainbow sugar crystals on top.
  • The filling – I didn’t have an cranberries on hand, so I flipped the cranberry mascarpone to a blackberry filling by adding 11/2 tablespoon of blackberry jam and omitting the dried cranberries and red coloring.

Get the recipe here!


17 Responses to “ Lemon Macarons with Blackberry-Mascarpone Filling ”

  1. These are so spectacular!! I have had come luck with macarons, and I think maybe I will try again soon :)

  2. Those macrons look so festive and good!

  3. So sweet! I’m loving the happy colors!

  4. I love the encouragement you give for making this reputably daunting cookie! They are so, so cute.

  5. These are the most gorgeous Macarons ever!!

  6. Love the yummy filling and festive sprinkles! YUM!

  7. These look amazing! I love the flavor combo and that you put glaze on them. I’ve never seen macarons with glaze.

  8. when I click on to the recipe I got a cranberry filling recipe instead of blackberry. where can I get the blackberry filling recipe.

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