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On a Roll: Chinese Takeout at Home

I’m Carrie Boyd, associate food editor for BHG’s Special Interest Media (SIM), and I’m a sucker for egg rolls. And when I woke up Saturday morning, these meat-and-veggie-filled, fried appetizers sounded like the perfect Saturday snack. In an effort to save a little money and a few calories, I attempted to make my own egg rolls instead of calling the nearest Chinese delivery guy.

I loosely followed this Easy Egg Roll recipe, adapting the recipe a bit based on what I had in my fridge and pantry—I nixed the tablespoon of dry sherry, used fresh mushrooms (as opposed to canned), and went with powdered ginger after discovering my fresh ginger had come down with a bit of freezer burn.

A few of the ingredients, measured, prepped, and starring in my first attempt at amateur food styling:

And now let’s add the ground beef, mushrooms, egg roll wrappers, and the chopped cabbage I managed to convince The Boyfriend to make a grocery store run for during halftime of a March Madness game.

Combine the water (not pictured), soy sauce, cornstarch, red pepper, and black pepper and set aside. After stir-frying the garlic for a few seconds,—the recipe calls for also including the fresh ginger in the stir-fry, but since I was using powdered, I just mixed it in the water-soy sauce liquid—add the cabbage and green onions to the skillet. Cook the meat until no longer pink, drain, then add the sauce for a few minutes before stirring in the mushrooms and stir-friend cabbage/green onions mixture:

After the whole mixture cooled for a bit, it was time to roll. Check out this great little primer for how to make egg rolls with step-by-step directions and a quick photo tutorial on rolling egg rolls. It does a much better job of demonstrating the rolling method than my amateur photo can provide. I added about a 1/2 inch of oil to the pan before letting each side of the egg rolls crisp up for a few seconds—it only took a few seconds.

And here’s a photo of the finished products, just chilling on some paper towels to drain off some residue grease

As you can see, my egg rolls are not exactly uniform in size (I got a bit impatient towards the end), but I can assure you they all tasted great. I served them with some sweet chile sauce and a few other appetizers when a friend (and her new baby!) stopped by on Saturday.

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