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Springtime Petits Fours

As some of you may know {or not} I am hugely pregnant with a little boy! Things are getting all round up in here, let me tell you. Something else you may or may not know about me: I’m addicted to mini food. Everything is so much cuter small! So, in honor to my addiction and pending baby bump, I decided to make some cute little Springtime Petits Fours that would be perfect for a spring tea party or baby shower! Here’s how you make them:

Start by defrosting one of those store bought pound cakes. You know the ones I’m talking about! Once it’s ready to cut, slice it into 1-inch cubes and cut those cubes in half again to make these 1/2-inch slices. The recipe says to stack these 3 high, but I just did two.

Now you can fill these little baby cakes with any sort of filling your little heart desires. Jam, nutella or lemon curd {which is what I used}.

Once your cakes are filled, make the glaze/coating to go over these Petits Fours. Basically, this is just powdered sugar, milk, lemon flavoring and blue food coloring. Feel free to switch up the flavorings and colors. Strawberry flavoring with pink food coloring would be extra cute for a little girl baby shower! Or color it yellow for a spring-themed dinner party.

Spoon the glaze over each individual cake and top with decorations. After 20 minutes or so the glaze should be set and you can get these on your table! OR, make these in advance and store them in airtight containers until your party. The coating on these will keep the cake inside really moist, so it’s a perfect make ahead treat!

If you’d like to try to make these, check out the written BHG recipe here.

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