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Olive Pastry Bites

Hello! Erin from The Forest Feast here, with a simple entertaining idea. These little Olive Pastry Bites are quick, easy and impressive. Not to mention tasty!! Simply wrap big pitted olives in puff pasty, sprinkle with parmesan and bake. Warm out of the oven, they are a fun addition to cocktail hour!


1 small jar of stuffed green olives (pimento, garlic, almond or blue cheese stuffed. Approx 24 olives)

1 package puff pastry (store bought, defrosted)

1/4c grated parmesan cheese


Drain and pat dry the olives using paper towels. Using a jar lid or a small glass, cut circles out of the puff pastry dough. Place an olive in the middle of each pastry circle and pinch to enclose the olive fully. Place the wrapped olives on a cookie sheet (pinch side down) and sprinkle each with a pinch of parmesan. Bake according to the pastry’s packaging instructions- approx 20 min at 350 degrees (or until they are golden).

The Forest Feast is a blog by Erin Gleeson full of simple, colorful vegetable based recipes with photos and watercolor illustration. After working for many years as a food photographer in NYC, Erin moved to a cabin in the woods where she is currently working on The Forest Feast Cookbook. Follow Erin on Twitter and  Instagram, @theforestfeast.



8 Responses to “ Olive Pastry Bites ”


  2. Comment to Judy . . . seriously?? A jar of olives, puff pastry, a jar lid and parmesan cheese….. why would you need to print the recipe?

  3. Have you ever done this with black olives? I suppose you would have to stuff your own though, don’t think I’ve ever seen the black ones come stuffed with anything.

    Sounds yummy, going to have to try this! :)

  4. Love olives and puff pastry. Look yummy. Will be trying these.

  5. great idea – especially love how quick and easy it is and NO recipe needed!

  6. For those of you who spoke of a printable version of this recipe, copy and paste it into a word document, then print out.

  7. Good idea. Will try. I didn’t print recipe. I saved in my bookmark folder so I’ll have the page open on my laptop to see the recipe.

  8. These sound yummy and very easy to make I am going to make them for our Easter Brunch<3

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